1st Choice Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves, Box of 100, 6 Mil, Size Small, Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured, Disposable, Non-Sterile, 1PBNSBX


Price: $36.99
(as of Mar 17,2021 06:04:29 UTC – Details)

High-end restaurants and automotive repair shops may not have much in common. But they agree on one thing: the inherent power of black nitrile gloves. What is it about these simple disposables in general—and 1st Choice Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves in particular—that makes them so darn awesome? They don’t show dirt and grime. They’re subtle and classy while remaining superbly functional. And, quite simply, they demand respect. Let’s be honest: Nothing says cool like black gloves, whether you’re on the front-end staff at a fancy eatery or replacing the brake pads on a Ford pickup. Despite being more than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves—which means added durability and fewer glove changes over the course of a work shift—1st Choice Black Nitrile doesn’t sacrifice dexterity and tactile sensitivity. At 6 mils thick, they offer dependable protection against common chemicals like carburetor cleaner, and specialty chemicals like brake fluid or butane. Nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex and is less likely to rip or tear. The micro-roughened surface with textured fingertips delivers dependable gripping power even when wet. The polymer coating inside makes them easy to pull on and take off, and because they’re powder-free, there’s no messy residue. Not only are 1st Choice Black Nitrile gloves a great fit for the aforementioned automotive and restaurant uses, but they’re also great for industrial, janitorial, sanitation, food preparation, safety, and chemical applications—and around the house, from cleaning gutters to fixing the car to plumbing, painting, or staining. Look great. Be safe. Your hands will think you’re awesome.

1st Choice Black Nitrile Gloves are made for Industrial applications with durable 6 mil nitrile construction.
Industrial-grade nitrile gloves is made to be both puncture and chemical resistant.
Black disposable gloves feature a dark color to hide any dirt or mess making them a great fit for industrial or home related tasks.
Nitrile disposable gloves are latex-free making them safe for those with latex allergies.
1st Choice gloves provide barrier protection to your hands for medical, industrial, and home uses. At 1st Choice, your safety always comes first.


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