2wayz 8 Pattern Turret Garden Lawn Sprinkler with Super Heavy Duty Circle Metal Base. Powerful Water Output with No Leaks! ¾ Hose Input, 360° Connector Swivel


Price: $22.47
(as of Mar 09,2021 09:34:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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2wayz – A Brand That is a Family

For years, I was the handy-man for my family. Some of my duties included plumbing, roofing, carpentry, but especially gardening! As a result of that, I was always looking for items that would be ‘launched and forgotten’ for my grandparents and uncles. The problem was, many of the items sold in the brick and mortar stores were freely available – but not so much in quality, user-friendly, and especially when it came to handling them with arthritis-stiff hands.

So I started looking for long-handled watering equipment that would fill that void: Items that will have long handles, easy to turn on and off, with a nice touch of design. And of course – above all – reliable and highly durable. I came across these TPR covered splitters and connectors, used them, and after ‘seeing the light’ started recommending them. I started helping others achieve what was so difficult for me at the beginning, slowly creating a happy circle of satisfied gardeners. The relative success of the items brought me to the point it became obvious I need to make it a business.

Since then, I have been listening and looking out for items which friends and neighbors use and feel there is need for improvement and modification. We then revamp the design and have our product engineers upgrade the items to the high standard which 2wayz holds itself to. Some sectors I have started to expand to are pressure washing and bathroom accessories.

Your 2wayz Super Heavy Duty Sprinkler Has Just Landed!

alien gardenalien garden

We’ve Got You and Your Lawn Covered!

Help! A flying saucer is hovering above our lawn! Oh wait, we see its watering the dry spots on the lawn. Thank heavens (or galaxys?) that our 2wayz Sprinkler covers the entire lawn. Move on to our annoying neighbors next door, their sprinkler has much to be desired!

In all seriousness, we’ve brought this sprinkler to market so our loyal customers can enjoy a one-size-fits-all sprinkler. Not only can this sprinkler cover all (or most ;)) lawn sizes, with its heavy duty metal base, this sprinkler can also contain the powerful water pressure we know you all love to put on your sprinklers.

Happy gardening!

Technical Details







Super Easy Installation!

Not only does this awesome sprinkler have the standard US hose input size (¾ Hose Input), it also has a independently turning shoulder so you don’t need to struggle when attaching to the hose!

Heavy Duty Base for High Pressure Systems

High pressure hose? No problem! This heavy duty base will make sure your sprinkler is safe and sound, regardless of the force you put on it!

8 Different Settings!

Small lawn? Big Lawn? We’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively! With 8 settings to choose from, we’ve got something for every lawn.

SMALL OR LARGE COVERAGE. YOU DECIDE. Fully enjoy 8 adjustable spraying patterns, covering whichever lawn or garden area you wish to water.
STABLE & FUN. High water pressure? No problem. Ring metalic base will keep your outdoor yard sprinkler stable and safe.
EASY TO INSTALL. 3/4″ inlet garden hose, highly durable swivel thread, and you are good to go for many seasons to come!
BUILT TO LAST. GUARANTEED. Nobody comes close to G&S Investment’s customer service. Every item we manufacture and sell comes with a HASSLE FREE unlimited money back guarantee. If you do not experience a high quality, leak free, time saving and simple experience, G&S Investments will replace your item or fully refund you, no questions asked!


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