A Guidebook to Acquiring Food, Stockpiling, Storing, and Preparing for Survival: Creating Your Own Long-Term Cheap Storage Pantry & Cooking Lifesaving Supply Food for Self-Sufficiency in an Emergency


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Do you know what the first items to disappear from store shelves in a disaster are?

Unfortunately, food shortages are still quite rampant all around the world. The reasons vary for different people. Some are experiencing food shortages because of low production; others due to disasters, wars, or their country’s poor economic conditions. No matter what the reasons may be, it is something that the world has been struggling with, and it will remain a vivid reality of human society.

The only thing we can do is be prepared and store food whenever we can.

This guide to food acquiring, storing, and stockpiling is written with the purpose of providing all the relevant information that you can use to store a large amount of food at home for your family.

Food storage requires a whole different level of understanding—from knowing the shelf lives of different food items to analyzing their utility, every detail demands attention. And if you’re able to successfully get through this complicated process of stockpiling and storage, you can ensure food security for you and your family members for months to come.

Inside this powerful survival guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to get the perfect pantry
  • Food storage equipment, tips, and kits
  • 72-hour food emergency kits
  • Food for short-term emergencies (two weeks to three months)
  • Food for long-term emergencies (three months to a year)
  • Ways to cook food for emergency kits
  • Preserving your own food
  • Maintaining food balance and variety
  • Budget-friendly ways to stock food storage
  • Storing water and water purification methods
  • Making the most of basic food for your perfect pantry

And so much more!

Don’t risk getting caught in a disaster by having the wrong food—or even worse, nothing to eat. Now you too can ensure you and your family are well-fed, healthy, and ready to face anything with this powerful survival guide.

This book will help you:

  • Stockpile food that matches your eating habits, health, and budget—don’t waste your money on food you won’t eat!
  • Plan exactly how much food and water your family will need to survive a medium-length emergency
  • Store your food and water safely—in an emergency, the last thing you want to see is a stockpile of moldy, rotten food
  • Eat the right ratio of carbs, protein, and fat—even during a weeks-long lockdown
  • Discover simple, quick recipes and eat tasty meals even when there’s a disaster occurring

If you wish to acquire some sense of food security, give this book a read and learn about all the important processes involved.

Don’t leave your survival up to chance!

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