Adofect 30 Pairs Gold Collagen Eye Mask Powder Crystal Gel Eye Masks Under Eye Patches Great For Moisturizing, Wrinkle, Fine Line, Dark Circles & Puffiness, Gold


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Product Description

Adofect crystal collagen eye mask give you a pair of bright eyes and beautiful life

24k gold eye mask24k gold eye mask

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your under eye skin for a smoother younger and hydrated look?

24k collagen eye mask have a great effect on reducing dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags, Gel eye mask long last instant energizing moisturising and hydrating your eye zone, restore elasticity, firmness skin and glow eyes again.

instensively moisturizinginstensively moisturizing

Skin treatmentSkin treatment

remove wrinkle and crow’s feet

Adofect is mainly engaged in Beauty and personal care products.

As the business level continues to increase, it gradually expands other categories.

It is committed to bringing more consumer demand and creating a better product line.

Anti-Wrinkle & Reduce Dark Circle Under Eye Mask

30 Pairs crystal collagen under eye patches

Hydrates & Moisturizes Under Eye Area
Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness Smoothes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Increases skin Firmness & Elasticity
Keeps the Eyes Brighter & Younger
Reduce Bags Under your Eyes

natural ingredients

natural ingredients

great work

great work

multiple use

multiple use

The 24k gold eye mask have plent of Q10 coenzyme, hyaluronic acids, 24k Gold, Vitamin A and C

help you care your eyes with safety way.

Just a week use, you can get a amazing work in anti-wrinkle and reduce dark circles.

The ability to remove harmful substances and significantly moisturize the skin.

Eye mask have great effect on both eye and necks and other face area.

Forehead – Eliminate Wrinkle

Eye – moisturizing and reduce puffiness eye

gel eye maskgel eye mask

How to use

Step one: Wash your face with warm water and dry off.

Step two: Apply eye mask under your eyes area and press down to secure them.

Step three: Leave them for 20 minutes

Step four: Remove the mask and massage your under eyes area to aborb kinds of essence

Warm prompt

1. Sensitive Skin Test – Just place one of the masks on your inner wrist for at least 2 minutes

2 Keep these eye mask in a cool place to get a better effect

3 reach out of the children

keep your eyes forever youngkeep your eyes forever young


Puffy Eyes, Dry Eyes, Dark Circles, Migraines and Tension Relief

Moisturzing lip, Dry lip, plump your lip

Puffy Eyes, Migraine Relief, Headache, Stress Relief, Swollen Face

Moisturizing, Rejuvenation and Hydrates Skin

Sprained Ankles, Plantar Fasciitis, Swelling Feet/Wrist, Microwaveable, Freezable and Reusable

Removes Calluses and Dead Skin Cells, Repair Rough Heels


2 Pcs

30 Pcs

1 pcs

6 Pcs

1 Pcs

6 Pcs


0.4 lb

0.68 lb

0.4 lb

1.1 lb

0.58 lb

0.7 lb


Blue and Green






Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles Treatment – Under eye mask have a unique formula to reduce puffiness and dark circles
Natural Ingredients – Under eye patches Mainly contains: Q10 coenzyme,plant-extracted, collagen, vitamin C,24K Gold, rose oil and hyaluronic acid
Collagen – Collagen Mask stimulates and regenerates skin cells, dramatically elevate your skins collagen growing ability, Made your skin more elasticity and firmness.
Covenient To Use – Collagen eye pads have a anti- slippery formula, so you can wear them when you are watching TV or doing other things. a gorgeous look.



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