“Attention: Essential Business, No Visitors, Please Call” COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Adhesive Durable Vinyl Decal- 10×7” Sign by Graphical Warehouse- Safety and Security Signage


Price: $10.95
(as of Mar 15,2021 12:37:30 UTC – Details)

“Attention: Essential Business, No Visitors, Please Call” COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Durable Vinyl Decal- 10×7” Sign by Graphical Warehouse. Black/Red/White safety warning sign with vibrant color contrast. Weather resistant- signs stay bright and effective for a long time. Dirt and dust wipe off with ease to preserve your graphics. Durable vinyl decal conveys information to improve safety and productivity by preventing injury and potential hazards. This sign lets your customers/guests/visitors know that your facility has been deemed essential. This “Attention” sign says that your business is doing all it can in accordance with CDC guidelines to ensure that your facility is safe and helping stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). It notes that your business is currently not accepting visitors, and has a place to leave your business’ phone number for visitors to reach you. Helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). GRAPHICAL WAREHOUSE manufactures a variety of safety and security signage for a range of facilities and workplaces from car factories, hospitals, and everything in between. Our visual communication tools include floor markers, decals, 5S products, ridgid signs, shadow boards, and more (including custom orders through our website). Our goal is to improve safety, productivity, and organization in the workplace by preventing injury and potential hazards using Graphical Warehouse signs. Our graphics have vibrant color contrast with the best, brightest color selection available anywhere. Our materials are durable and adhere easily, removing without damage or residue. We value our attention to detail and efficiency to ensure your order is shipped in a timely manner and delivered just the way you want it, guaranteed. Since 2011, Graphical Warehouse has created signage for thousands of happy customers coast to coast. We continue to grow everyday, so check back for new product lines. Graphical Warehouse would love to be your home for all the signage

Durable material that adheres securely to flat, clean surface and removes without damage or residue
Easy application, peel and stick decal
Brightest colors, best selection available anywhere


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