Bath Bombs Gift Set – 8 Luxury Vegan Bubble Fizzies for Women, Bath Bomb Kit – Relaxing Spa Gifts for Her – Unique Birthday & Beauty Products for Christmas – Bath Bombs for Girls


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Product Description

Bath Bombs Gift Set - 8 Luxury All Vegan BubbleBath Bombs Gift Set - 8 Luxury All Vegan Bubble

Your bathtub is your sanctuary and at the end of a long day, all you want to do is relax. Nothing can be more relaxing than a nice warm bath. So, run yourself a nice hot bath and let our Zen Breeze Bath Bombs fizz away and prepare your bath for you. You don’t have to do anything else but step in and let the relaxing aromas and beautiful colors help you leave the day behind.

Zen Breeze Bath BombsZen Breeze Bath Bombs

Our Zen Breeze Bath Bombs Set comes in 8 bubble fizzies that will increase your overall bath-time experience and give you a relaxing and calming after bath result. Zen Breeze bath bombs are perfect for a soothing and tranquilizing bath. Enhance your bath time experience with serene Aromatherapy. Zen Breeze will give you a rich, in-house spa feel with its pampering bubble fizz and its everlasting fragrance. So, sink down into the luxurious, warm and perfectly scented water and settle yourself in for a Spa Worthy experience!



This Bath Bomb Set comes with 8 Vegan bubble fizzies, each with a unique yet compelling bath oil mixture:

Blue Cleanse (Green Tea & Blueberry)
Enlightened (Ginger & Lime)
Love Cloud (Jasmine & Chamomile)
Mystery (Coconut & Shea Butter)
Tranquility (Aloe & Peppermint)
Tantric (Lavender & Vanilla)
Purple Candy (Cotton Candy & Strawberry)
Pink Zen (Orange & Rose)

Bath Bombs Gift Set - 8 Luxury All Vegan Bubble FizziesBath Bombs Gift Set - 8 Luxury All Vegan Bubble Fizzies

BATH BOMBS MAKE GREAT GIFTS FOR WOMEN AND MEN: Whether you are looking for unique gifts for someone special or building gift baskets/gift boxes, these bath bombs make great gifts for her and him! Perfect for white elephant for children and adults.
FAST DISSOLVING BATH FIZZIES: This bath bomb kit comes with 8 wonderfully scented, fast dissolving bath balls for an immediate stress relief!
8 LUSH BATH BOMBS FOR EVERY MOOD: This bath bomb gift set has 8 different bath oil mixtures: Blue Cleanse (Green Tea & Blueberry), Enlightened (Ginger & Lime), Love Cloud (Jasmine & Chamomile), Mystery (Coconut & Shea Butter),Tranquility (Aloe & Peppermint), Tantric (Lavender & Vanilla), Purple Candy (Cotton Candy & Strawberry), and Pink Zen (Orange & Rose)
BATH BOMB BUBBLE BATH = TOTAL RELAXATION: A warm bath will activate the sweet aroma of each bath bomb and scent the air!


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