Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal 3 Phase Retinol Treatment Serum


Price: $150.00
(as of Jun 29,2021 18:27:03 UTC – Details)

BeautyBio R45 The Reversal Retinol Cream is a patented advanced 3-Phase Retinol Cream Booster System that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a proprietary mixture of Vitamin A and peptides that helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores and skin spots by optimizing the epidural layers of the skin, assisting with natural cell turnover and acting as a wrinkle-filler alternative by helping to plump wrinkles. Titration therapy helps mitigate the traditional side effects associated with highly active Vitamin A products- concentration of ingredients increases from Phase 1 through Phase 3, each phase taking approximately 2 weeks to complete. Smooth fine lines & wrinkles. Tighten enlarged pores Tighten enlarged pores. Erase dark & age spots Erase dark & age spots – Assists in collagen production and diminishes the appearance of dark spots and age spots. Repair uneven skin tone Repair uneven skin tone


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