BrushCraft Oval 6


Price: $24.50
(as of Jul 03,2021 03:02:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

BrushCraft Oval 6 for Foundation Application

Your foundation will never look as good as it does when you apply with the Oval 6. Thousands of NuFibre place microscopic particles of your foundation evenly across the surface of your skin. The results are a more blended, flawless finish using the same foundation you always use. This brush makes all the difference in the results.

BrushCraft Oval 6 for Contouring

Some brushes can make contour look like a smudge down your cheek. The Oval 6 can use a tiny bit of product and blend it so beautifully that your cheek looks naturally contoured, not smudged.

BrushCraft Oval 6 for Blush

Use the Oval 6 to pick up a whisper of blush, and then place the brush at the apple of your cheek and gently move the brush fibres in a circular motion around and up the cheek bone. The Oval 6 is so efficient that using half the product you normally do will give you great results.

BrushCraft Oval 6 for Highlight

When you want to highlight medium size areas of your face, the Oval 6 is the perfect size and shape to give you superior results. The Oval 6 blends the highlight across the skin, instead of scattering or layering of highlight product on top of the skin, which is what you get from a conventional animal hair brush.


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