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Live: Pelosi Holds Briefing After Capitol Stormed by Pro-Trump Rioters
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On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump notified journalists of “tremendous anger” about his attempts to question his role in the lethal assault on the US Capitol.

Also, he was not responsible for promoting his followers to march on the building when legislators certified the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. The president said that the storming of the building was absolutely acceptable when asked if he was responsible for the abuse. In my words and my final line, my last sentence, they analyzed my voice, and everyone at tea felt it was exactly right, he told us before he was in Texas.

He made his remarks to journalists on Tuesday the first time he has given him since the US Capitol was attacked last week by a crowd of his supporters leaving five dead. Trump has made the latest move to sue him – this time for the incitement to abuse last week. He also expressed outrage at big-tech firms, after Twitters and Facebook barred him from using their sites to promote aggression. “It is a great threat to move down this road and I think it creates immense anger,” he said adding: “I don’t want violence.
He said that the corporations had made a “terrible mistake,” by “dividing” their economy.

In his letter on Tuesday to the Democrat House, the Speaker of the Democratic House Nancy Pelosi, US Vice President Mike Pence said that he would not ask for the twenty-fifth amendment. In a resolution calling the vice-president to take advantage of authority to oust Donald Trump after the brutal attack on the building of Capitol on 6 January, the House of Representatives, run by the Democrats, won in the amendment.

German lender Deutsche Bank, US President Donald Trump, is leaving its long-term client. Citing sources known about the issue, the US media announced on Tuesday that the bank is no longer negotiating with the business guy, signaling its reaction to the assault on the American Capitol on 6 January.

Now it comes to no surprise that the president’s long-term lender dumps him. Prior to the November election, the top officials of Deutsche Bank had told the company that they are looking to get away from the notorious leader, who owes hundreds of millions of loans to the organization and was a frequent source of the bank’s bad news. In recent days, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and others reported that they are slashing corporate ties or avoiding campaign contributions in recent events. Some say they would stop offering to the Republican representatives who voted against certifying the presidential election results for 2020. Others say that both Republicans and Democrats would temporarily stop contributing publicly. The sudden jumping ship overturned the role of corporate governance and capital in American political machinery.


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