Candace Parker was looking to win the championship after ‘following my heart’ in the sky
Candace Parker was looking to win the championship after ‘following my heart’ in the sky- Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Sky officially introduced Parker at a virtual news conference on Tuesday, where Mayor Laurie Lightfoot – a season ticket holder – included the opening remarks after the former Sparks star signed a two-year deal on Monday.

Prior to this offseason, Parker never seriously considered playing for a team other than Spark, who made his first overall draft in 2008.

But as the sky began to follow him aggressively, Parker unleashed the idea of ​​closing his Hall of Fame career with his city team.

The decision-making process was taxing with passion. Parker talks about his free agency experience with his free friends, Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durant.

Both gave him the same advice: “You have to follow what you want and what you want, and let others take care of themselves.”

Parker, who grew up in Naperville, came back from the back of his stomach.

“It just felt like the right decision to return home to Chicago and playing in front of the fans, in the city, in front of the people I grew up with,” Parker said. “… It was a tough, tough decision but in the end, I chose the sky because I wanted to follow my heart.”

Let the CP3 era begin.

Sky officially introduced Parker at a virtual press conference on Tuesday, including the opening remarks of season two ticket holder and Mayor Laurie Lightfoot after the former Sparks star signed a two-year, 380,000 deal on Monday.

“It’s a really great day in the city of Chicago,” Lightfoot said before grabbing Parker’s No. 3 Sky jersey. “We both know you’ll love it here and we’ll definitely want you back. This is going to mean a lot for girls both across the Chicago area and off the court. Our girls ’eyes light up when our basketball stars meet their community. “

Parker, a two-time league MVP, and a five-time All-Star achieved what he set out to do with the Sparks and then something. He led Sparks to their first title in 14 years and won the Finals MVP title in 2016.

Eventually, Parker felt it was the right time to move on.

“At 34, Parker, still one of the best players in the league, said, ‘The way you start, you finish,’ I was raised.” For 13 years, I feel like I’ve given everything I had at Sparks, and they’ve given everything they have. ” “I’m not giving up. I’m not throwing things away or getting annoyed or angry or demanding trade. I’m leaving because, as a matter of fact, I can go where I want to go and I can make that decision.”

The outpouring of Parker’s support since the news broke last week has only validated his decision. This includes an exciting facetime call from her grandmother and a phone conversation with her childhood friend in Naperville who is already planning to visit the two this summer.

“I have texts, like, ‘I’m getting a season ticket. I see you play like high school,'” Parker said. “These kinds of responses made me really justify my choice in my decision and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Parker’s addition kept Akash running for the first final favorite. He joins a decorated line of Courtney Vandersloot, Oli Quigley, Diamond de Shields, and Azura Stevens, whom Parker refers to as “his own small version”.

Parker not only thrilled to play again in front of his family and friends, but he also won a championship title in Chicago.

“My legacy I’m back to,” he said. “ At the end of the day, if we do it right, I can live with the results. We go out there and play with passion, purpose. And I think that’s what my legacy wants to be. “


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