CelSana All Body Anti-Aging Lotion – (Unscented) Organic Skincare Moisturizer for Men and Women Paraben Free Firming Beauty Lotion with Cupio-Rase Extract Luxury Head-to-Toe Cream to Improve Appearance of Cellulite


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Product Description

Main Day Serum CelsanaMain Day Serum Celsana

Hydrate, Revitalize, and Repair

CelSana All Body Anti-Aging Lotion with Cupio-Rase

Keeping your face and skin looking natural, beautiful, and radiant as you age requires the right support to maintain tone and supple firmness. That’s why we developed CelSana All Body Anti-Aging Lotion, a powerful moisturizer and anti-aging skincare treatment that helps tighten your pores, balance your coloration, and restore elegant youthful radiance with natural, organic ingredients.

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About CelSana

CelSana Beauty & Health strives to bring you the most unique products for the care of your skin. From nature, through science and into reality. Our team of doctors, scientists, formulators and clinicians, led by Don Wayne Berry, M.D., retired Texas heart surgeon, will continually innovate on your behalf using our exotic botanical rainforest plant extract Cupio-Rase

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Nature + Science = Beautiful Skin!

CelSana Beauty & Health All Body Anti-Aging Lotion contains the rain forest plant extract Cupio-Rase which is high in natural rejuvenation. This elegant lotion helps to soothe and firm your skin while providing an abundance of moisture. The formula is appropriate for all skin types, even sensitive skin that may not tolerate other products.

Natural plant-based ingredients–no petroleum or chemicals–no animal testing–no carcinogenic ingredients

Grown and produced in America

Ingredients are formulated at the highest allowable levels for maximum safety and efficacy

Gluten Free

Organic and Natural

Paraben Free

Nature + Science = Beautiful Skin!

Before and After 1

Before and After 1

Before After 2

Before After 2

Before and After 3

Before and After 3

Start your CelSana skincare regimen and you too can have the “CelSana Glow”

CelSana is founded by innovators and leaders, each experienced specialists in the botanical sciences and professional leadership in executive management with a proven record of success.

CelSana is in the Business of Helping People Make Their Best First Impression

The men and women in these photos wanted to see what CelSana Beauty and Health skin care products would do for their skin. They all took their own photos with their cell phones in order to compare 2-week, 4-week or 8-week improvement.

See the difference in your own photos… A picture is truly worth a thousand words!

These photos are very important for you to see how much these natural CelSana skin care products are improving your skin appearance. As you can see from the photos, there is variation in the how quickly the visible results in appearance are noted, some more subtle than others.

🌱 ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED FORMULA – An advanced anti-aging regimen made with Cupio-Rase Botanical Extract from the South American Rainforests, our advanced fast absorbing body lotion offers pure, natural skincare
🌱 REVITALIZE YOUTHFUL RADIANCE – Along with improving the strength and elasticity of your skin and texture of your skin, our anti-aging All Body Lotion can help brighten your skin naturally while penetrating deep into the skin paving the way for quicker, more dramatic results!
🌱 GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN – A safe, cruelty-free formula, our organic anti-aging moisturizer is paraben and gluten free making it safe for men and women alike. In fact, it’s made with only trusted natural, organic ingredients and no chemicals
🌱 PREMIER BRAND SATISFACTION – Here at CelSana Beauty and Health we take pride in the quality of our skincare products which is why every bottle of our luxury lotion is backed by responsive support and a quality guarantee.


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