Chauvin murder trial: Watch the opening arguments (Contains graphic video)


Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s head and neck for 4 minutes and 45 seconds as Floyd cried out for help, stayed on his …



  1. The officers should ALL be charged the exact same as Derek Chauvin, actually they should be charged with more severe charges cause the were not even trying to help by getting Derek off George and even worse was trying to block civilians from helping George, it's sickening

  2. Notice how fast these fake news liberals dropped the story about the car-ramming attack on capital police the other day killing one officer and critically injurying two others?
    Because the attacker was black, and a Louis Farrakan follower? Fake news! Fake news!

  3. More nagging:

    Yes I believe Gwen Stefani's 'Hollaback Girl' is inspired by images of me throwing my excrement in the toilet…

    But if there were ZERO songs about me throwing my excrement I would still be the victim of PRIMARILY the crime of defamation.


    If I got my TV stolen it is not a serious crime.

    If I was out of town and my parents lived next door and someone called the police and they came over and told the police and told everyone:

    "Make sure you don't tell Kate about the break-in. Her TV was brand new, we will buy her a new one just like it. She does not need to know and she will be traumatized."

    My parents are a BILLION times worse than the thief.

    Yes a billion times worse than the thief. The people protecting me from knowing about a Peeping Tom are a BILLION times worse than the Peeping Tom.

    If Gwen Stefani made a BILLION dollars writing a song about me throwing my excrement I would not sue for ONE penny.

    She is simply reporting the news!

    Defamation is a crime in Canada technically you can go to jail for it.

  4. It gives me goosebumps when such a great sadness the last thing George Floyd here's all the bystanders fighting for his life .. there are true heroes George Floyd you're never forgotten brother!

  5. Everyone is missing the point, well the uneducated left taking from research and what ive heard in trial, the knee on the lower neck/shoulder was part of the training, floyd had oiode in his system, a high amount, one of the symtoms for a opiode overdose is BREATHING DIFFICULTIES, before cops even laid hands on floyd he said he couldnt breathe numerous trials, floyd was with a black male he complied from the start and low and behold no harm came to him, floyd went hospital for 5 days for an overdose in march,

  6. It’s a shame this man died. But I watched the whole body cam footage that Lame Stream don’t want you to see He was saying he couldn’t breath when sitting in the car. He had enough fentanyl and cocaine in him to kill an elephant. No one would care if he was white. Remember sackful Turner? The little black 7 year old girl shot in her car? No one really does. They would if the shooter was a white person though.

  7. I don’t understand why Chauvin had to place his knee on George Floyd’s neck – he was hand cuffed for god sakes?
    He wasn’t going anywhere.
    Chauvin didn’t get off him when the paramedics were trying to treat him?
    He should be jailed for the rest of his natural life. Never, ever be released.
    I m sure some of the inmates would love to give him a taste of his 9:29.

  8. "That's bullshit bro, he enjoying this s**t – you think that's cool, you a bomb for that".
    Chauvin is A KILLER!!
    I'm literally crying! 😢
    Difficult to watch!! Racist killing cops!!!

  9. B
    L iberals
    A re
    K riminals

    Minneapolis… Detroit… Chicago… Portland… Seattle… Kenosha…
    Washington D.C. …

    ( i Would say ALL Whites are racist… but that would be… umm… )

  10. The officer knelt on his neck with his hands in his pockets like he was waiting for Grubhub to deliver his lunch!!! There were other law enforcement there watching
    Murder she wrote

  11. I can't believe I watched that again. It feels worse today than one year ago. The lack of humanity is insane. This was murder. How do you check a pulse with someone's knee on their neck? Then just drag his body with cuffs on in that way. Forget all of the race stuff for a moment. The lack of just plain HUMANITY bothers me. If I were the clerk who called the police I'd feel guilt every day of my life. This did not have to happen.

  12. Why is he not being charged with first degree murder ? The ex cop new George Floyd prior , so it was premeditated aggression toward an unarmed man & the camera shows this. The state is obviously trying to save the cop from being charged to the fullest extent of the law like any other citizen by keeping the status quo police are above us.

  13. As a human being without going into anything about what race this man is,Being murdered the way he was…To see this all over again and again honestly CAN FEEL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING IN HIS VOICE. THE ONLY THING I CAN SEE IS THE HATRED AND EMOTIONLESS LOOK ON THE FACE OF THE OFFICER FACE AND I HAVE A GOOD FEELING THAT HE IS ENJOYING IT AND THAT'S JUST SICK

  14. Please Repost anywhere and everywhere

    I'm not only A US citizen but also a US Veteran, yet I cannot get justice here:

    I was Illegally Shot with a Taser, Aggravated Assault, Fourth amendment Violation, by the Bloomingrove PA State Troopers that committed theft, false arrest, also false imprisonment. Illegally held in jail on bogus charges "that were proven false last year". I have transcript minutes. All initial Probable Cause Charges were proven false, therefore all charges stemming from it must be dismissed by Law Mandate, which is not the case here. They Held Me in the county jail until My Nephew had posted My Bail. A $30,000 bond. While My Mother went on hospice and died Feb 15-March20,2019 died while I was illegally arrested and held all in a violation of both State and Our Constitutional Law Mandates.


    This is My actual written statement of part of what actually happened not all of it. I have to discuss with the lawyer first whether I should put the rest, as their kind of in trouble between the video and this their  just in so much trouble. All contrary to the Law.!AupUfe3dYPHOghhjqxOzvJaN3VTs?e=5mIuvi

    The cops are caught dead wrong on video and also transcript minutes that follow below at the factual testimony on the transcript of the Preliminary Hearing held on the date of: Tuesday 

    14 January 20, beginning at 12pm. Hearing held before the then District Justice Paul Menditto, 213 Silver Lake Road,

    Demons Ferry, in Pennsylvania

    Please 🙏 Help

    Hi, I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe,


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