Chris Rock speaks up about treatment, his plans in Gayle King interview to get COVID-19 vaccine

Chris Rock speaks up about treatment, his plans in Gayle King interview to get COVID-19 vaccine
Chris Rock speaks up about treatment, his plans in Gayle King interview to get COVID-19 vaccine

He announced that Chris Rock had spent his time in quarantine dwelling on his experience through counseling.

In a new interview with Gayle King of CBS Sunday Morning, the 55-year-old comedian said he is now in a “happy” and “optimistic place” now heading through about 7 hours of counseling sessions a week.

Rock said, “You have to tell the truth. “I wasn’t kind, and I didn’t listen sometimes. I was arrogant sometimes. And basically, who do you want to be? It seems like I’m this daring guy on the outside, but, boy, can I play it safe. I need to hop a little bit in the water.

Rock had been to therapy before, but until the pandemic struck, he did not “really jump into it”. He says he always feels harm as a kid growing up in Brooklyn from the abuse he experienced, but he has forgiven those who were unkind and understands that the encounters made me who I am and wishes his bullies have become better people.

Things get better, he said, and people improve. We’re going through this thing right now, where we’re punishing people 20, 30 years ago for thought and reacting and saying things. Do you know how convenient it will be for me to name a name in one of my specials, or show someone’s photo and say,’ This guy named me (expletive)’ and ruin the life of somebody?

I’m hoping that what they’ve done to me will embarrass them in a way and educate their children more. For them, that’s my wish.

Rock features a bit of how law enforcement is a career that can’t get any bad apples, including pilots, in his forthcoming Netflix special, an expanded cut of his 2018 stand-up special Tambourine. He opened up his own encounters with police officers, speaking to King

Some work, you’ve got to be completely responsible, he added. For any shenanigans, you’ve got to have zero tolerance. My dealings with the police are always healthy. But, there was a cop here a couple of years ago who was like, What are you driving around here for? You’re not living around here, are you? And I look at it like, you’re not living around here.

King noted that there was trepidation from some Black community members over receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Rock has said that he can’t wait until he can get one.

Let me put it this way: Anytime I get a headache, so I take Tylenol? Yeah, he said. Do I know what Tylenol contains? What’s in Tylenol, I don’t remember, Gayle. I realize that my headache is gone. Gayle, do I know what’s in a Major Mac? No, I mean it’s just delicious

King also noted that COVID is obviously taken very seriously by Rock, as in the winter they were seated outside his New Jersey home-like “human Popsicles.” Rock filmed the different production team members sitting off-camera, mentioning that sitting outside was much better than having around 15 people he didn’t meet inside his home.

For the comedian, quarantine has brought more new lessons outside of treatment. He shared the Rock knew how to swim back in 2020.

He joked, ‘I grew up in a’ hood and you couldn’t dive in a fire hydrant.’ There was something in my mind that said,’ If I can learn to swim, I can do something.’ I can do something if I can overcome this in my 50s.


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