Coronavirus, the owner of a new Mexico business, called the governor for a ban
Coronavirus, the owner of a new Mexico business, called the governor for a ban

The new Mexico governor has refused to reopen the indoor activity park even after returning to business regionally; Thomas Garcia, the owner of Urban Air Adventure Park, joined Fox and Friends Weekend.

Will: frustration mounting from business owners just trying to make ends meet.

 our next guest noses this too well he has been fighting with the governor to open an activity park while gems have been given the green light to operate at 25% capacity. Jedediah: Thomas Garcia joins us now. We are confused. Looking at this and saying if gyms are allowed to reopen why is your adventure park any different? Have you been able to get any response on that?

 I have been talking with the governor’s office for over six months right now I talked to the governor herself of the governor told me from her open mouth that urban air can’t keep can keep th say but can’t because we are in this recreational category but she cannot open us. How is that right that she comes and says that hey, Thomas, I think you can keep your guests safe but I still can’t open you this is what they did in Florida? Will, I know you are in Florida now. This is what they did in Florida. The governor set people to urban air in Florida because they got the 0-page plan of our reopening and they examined what we’re doing.

So, they watched us taking the temperature of our guests as an employee as they come in. They watched us our fogging none spray antimicrobial all our equipment. They watched our social distancing. But that’s how you try to mitigate coronavirus is you educate businesses and find businesses that are doing the right thing and then you try to implement that in other businesses. That’s how you do it. Not by restricting them. Will: Right. Thomas, it’s hard to make sense of obvious gyms as you pointed out. Strip clubs are open in new Mexico. But you are not. What is it that you are unique about your business? Tell us about what urban air is and why for some reason it’s fallen on the wrong line of openings and closings?

 sure. So we are in an indoor active entertainment venue. And we have such things as climbing walls. We have the only indoor skydiving in awful new Mexico. We have trampolines. We have a zip line. So we have a hot of the equipment where other places are open. So gyms are open. Rock climbing wall places are open. My daughter goes to gymnastics and she jumps on a trampoline every time she goes over there.

They are open. But we, for whatever reason, are not open and it’s, you know, we have 85 really good employees that work for us that don’t have a job right now. And that’s across new Mexico. It’s not just about me. It’s about a whole lot of other businesses that are just getting crushed right now. And, you know, I had a conversation with an employee yesterday that is living out of a motel right now.

So we’re going to help him out. We have another location in Littleton. We talked to him about actually temporarily would you mind going to the little top and helping us there? We will get you some full-time housing over your head. Pete: Thomas, your business is too unique for a government bruening crazy to figure it out. Too complicated you are shut down. Elevate your story of note, also. All 154 urban air locations in America have reopened safely. Yours in New Mexico is the one that hasn’t been allowed. To say we hope that changes very soon. We have reached out for an answer. We will let you know if we get


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