Derek Chauvin's trial: Key moments


Legal analyst Terri Austin breaks down the opening statements from yesterday and what to expect in court today.



  1. Guys, do not judge without seeing all the evidence, Chauvin did all he could to save Floyd's life by immobilizing him, even if the video appears to show so, Floyd never had direct pressure on his neck, contrary to what the media and a few media biased people are saying, just take the time a read the autopsy report in full. The condition Floyd presented at the moment of the arrest has a high risk of death, even seating at home and in totally healthy subjects. You are pontificating a person who was committing a crime, who resisted arrest, whose condition lead him to death despite the efforts of the officers. Don't get all of this wrong, this is about racism, if Floyd were white, this issue would have never passed the news. They are judging an experienced police officer that was doing his job. Not only black lives matter, lately this is the only thing you hear everywhere, and some black people always looking a guilty white for everything, they are the haters and the racists, we are not in the 1970, all lives matter, including Chauvin's, black yellow, pink, blue, white, brown. Why is it has to be about color, we are all the same. Now there is fear, if Chauvin is found not guilty, the riots will go back? who did the riots, of course more criminal people, white, black, yellow, brown, it doesn't matter, they need to go to jail too, violence is never the answer. I hope Chauvin does not become the GOAT to calm some racist and haters minds. I'm sure a lot of people think this way but they don't dare to say.

  2. Chauvin was on a power high, he was not going to let go an inch. He was going to show everyone he had the power to do whatever he wanted. Letting Floyd breath would have been showing weakness and he was not going to do that. He even had that hand in his pocket like saying I'm not worried about onlookers or afraid of consequences.

  3. Floyd wasn't even under arrest. Chauvin cost the city millions of dollars. Millions.
    He doesn't pay it. Minneapolis police don't pay it. Minneapolis police union doesn't pay it…
    The city of Minneapolis paid for it.

    The corrupt Minneapolis Police Union is footing the bill for Chauvin's lawyer. Plus multiple other lawyers that work for the Union are working on it.
    Make the trial last for years and bankrupt the Police Union.

  4. What a loser coward cop. So much for to serve & protect. What a stupid police department. All of them should be fired in disgrace for not preventing a murder. Assholes.

  5. I'm confussed if someone is in distress and telling you they can't breath why the hell would you not check them to see if they are setious or not you wouldn't just ignore it especially after they stop talking and pass out

  6. Man in store calls police over a simple matter I have a fake bill he had no detector pin or a light. Cops come. A call guess who we have here your work buddy it was a vendetta against Floyd a fake bill or a high man never. Warrants a nine minute neck crush. Just crush

  7. All he had too do was put Mr.Floyd in the police car. Out of all of this.i don't think this was a reason to do what that former police officer did.. Chauvin had his partner there also to help him put Mr .Floyd in the Patrol car. Just Unacceptable!

  8. This lady is clearly biased, and her reasoning is simply “look at the video!!!”. The “drugs and heart condition didn’t matter”, she doesn’t seriously believe that does she?

  9. All you Derek Chauvin’s out there, FYI, you are all on trial for murdering George Floyd. You will make retribution! Look at yourselves on that video and see yourselves for who and what you are: Murderers!!!!

  10. The whole world felt the way the bystanders and the witnesses felt- seeing George Floyd's life being drained out of him and helpless to do anything but tell Chauvin to stop! Those bystanders were helpless because couldn't interfere with law enforcement performing their 'duties' but there was something in those people who clearly saw what Chauvin and the other law enforcement officers did not see. The bystanders and witnesses saw what the whole world saw: Mr. George Floyd's life mattered but not to law enforcement- especially to Chauvin who used his position/authority to tell the bystanders and the whole world not to interfere with the execution of his 'duties!' If there was such a thing as humanity, then we saw that with the bystanders and the protests heard around the whole world! Chauvin did NOT silence ALL of us because although people have more respect for law enforcement than law enforcement has for humanity, We the People know what's right and we value the sanctity of ALL lives! Hmm?

  11. History perhaps in the making all over again. Key and top evidence is the video footage from several ppl. It shows what happened. Now let's rewind back to a day when L.A police officers were playing croquet on Rodney Kings head. Was that on film as well. What was the outcome? And majority want to see Chauvin free deep down inside.. as in Redemption for the OJ trial.. Its just another American Circus. Other Countries laugh at us because we can't even get past the basics! Love, understanding, togetherness.. smh 30 years from now would be insane at this rate. Sick sick sick world man..


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