EDA LUXURY BEAUTY BLACK Professional Beauty Sponge Blender Egg Shape Flawless Makeup Sponge Blending Liquid Foundation Concealer Cream Blush Contour Powder Extra Smooth Perfect Puff Latex Free Vegan


Price: $8.99
(as of Jun 21,2021 08:05:22 UTC – Details)

EDA LUXURY BEAUTY Lux Professional Beauty Sponge Features;

⭐ Super Soft, Smooth & Bouncy
⭐ Professional Flawless Application
⭐ High Definition
⭐ Pointed Round Design / Gourd Shape
⭐ Dry & Wet Dual-Use
⭐ Doubles Its Size When Wet
⭐ Vegan & Cruelty Free
⭐ Durable & Long Lasting
⭐ Odor Free
⭐ Non Allergenic
⭐ Non Latex

How To Use:

Pointed Precision Tip

Covers Corners Of The Eyes, Nose, Lips & Other Precise Parts.

Rounded Curved Sides

Blend Large Areas Of Face; Nose, Chin & Cheek.

Round Bottom

Perfect Blending For The Neck & Forehead Area.

Gorgeous Application For Any Kinds Of Cosmetics

* Liquid/Cream Foundation
* Primers
* Concealer
* BB Cream
* CC Cream
* Setting & Finishing Powder
* Bronzers
* Cream Blushes
* Contour & Highlighter
* Skincare Products

Expert Tip:
Keep Your Sponge Healthy & Clean For Long Term Use. It Is Recommended To Wash Your Beauty Sponge Regularly & Frequently, To Keep Your Skin Feel Fresh, Radiant & Healthy.

How To Clean:
Step 1: Wet Your Sponge. Gently Squeeze Your Beauty Sponge Under Running Water Until It’s Totally Wet.

Step 2: Work In Your Soap. Squeeze A Cleansing Liquid Or Soap On Your Beauty Sponge. Rub & Compress The Sponge, Making It Foaming. Repeat If Necessary, Until Its Perfectly Clean & New Looking.

Step 3: Rinse. Rinse The Beauty Sponge With Water.

Step 4: Air Dry. Squeeze Out The Water & Let It Air Dry.

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⭐️ Look Gorgeous, Feel Gorgeous! ⭐️

Unique Design, Ultra Soft, Professional, Bouncy, Edgeless, Extra Smooth, High Definition, Flawless Application, Full Coverage, Perfect Color, Very Easy To Apply & Clean, Long Lasting, Durable, Reusable, Latex Free, Vegan, Odor Free, Non Allergenic, Cruelty Free & Best Quality
EDA Luxury Beauty Black Sponge Is Super Fun & Easy To Use. The Water Drop Shape Is Excellent To Reach Every Detailed Area In Your Face & Body. The Foam Is Ultra Soft & Latex Free. Perfect For Professional Even Coverage. The Sponge Doesn’t Absorb & Waste Makeup. It Is 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. Your Daily Routine Best Friend. Reach Your Ultimate Gorgeous & Flawless Look With Effortless Work Within Seconds!
The Best Makeup Tool & Applicator To Apply Any Kinds Of Cosmetics; Liquid Makeup, Foundation, Primer, Concealer, BB Cream, CC Cream, Setting & Finishing Powder, Bronzer, Blush, Contour, Highlighter, Eyeshadow, Your Favorite Skincare Products & More. Super Easy Blends For Full Coverage, Non Cakey, Super Smooth, Gorgeous, Airbrushed, Natural Flawless Skin & Look. Perfect For Wet Or Dry Use.
The Beauty Sponge Is Aqua Activated. It Doubles Its Size When It’s Wet & Becomes Super Soft To Create An Even, Smooth Blend & Bounce. It Returns To Its Original Size When It Air Dries. You Can Control The Level Of Coverage You Are Looking For With The Level Of Wetness. Slightly Damping The Sponge, You Can Build Up Medium To Full Coverage, While Very Wet Will Give You A Very Natural Sheer Finish. Achieve Your Best, Ultimate Flawless Look Anywhere, Anytime. ⭐️ Look Gorgeous, Feel Gorgeous! ⭐️


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