EDA LUXURY BEAUTY NUDE PINK OMBRE WHITE FRENCH 3D JEWEL DESIGN Press On Nails Full Cover Acrylic Nail Kit Artificial Nail Tips False Nails Extra Long Round Pointed Almond Stiletto Nail Art Fake Nails


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EDA LUXURY BEAUTY Ready To Wear Luxurious Fake Nail Set Instructions

1. Start With Perfectly Clean & Dry Hands To Apply The Acrylic Nails.

2. Choose The Right Suitable Size Nails For Each Finger.

3. One Nail At A Time; Apply A Thin Layer Of Nail Glue To The Acrylic Nail & Your Natural Nail.

4. Align The Acrylic Nail With Your Cuticle, Press Down & Hold In Place Gently For 5-10 Seconds.

5. File & Shape Your New Nails If Needed.

Expert Tip:

For Flawless Application, Avoid Your Hands To Contact With Water For The First 15 Minutes.

Removal Instructions :

Soak Your Nails In Warm Water Until The Nails Are Soft To Easily Remove.

You Can Also Use Artificial Nail Remover Or Acetone Polish Remover To Soften The Adhesive & Gently Remove The Nails.

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⭐️ Look Gorgeous, Feel Gorgeous! ⭐️

♛ Includes 24 Pcs Glue On False Nails, Nail File & Pink Gel Nail Glue / Nail Adhesive.
♛ Instant Professional Salon Results Within Seconds. Perfectionist, High End, Masterpiece, Luxury Look, High Definition, Multi Dimensional, Flawless, Jeweled, Perfect Color, Strong, Long Lasting, Durable & Best Quality.
♛ EDA Luxury Beauty Diamond Nails Are Designed For The Perfect Luxe Look & Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Hands To The Max. The Nails Are Ultra Smooth, Tapered, Pointed, Sharp, Shiny, Glossy & Decorated With Crystals, Rhinestones & Gems For A Very Fashionable Glam Look. The Pointy Round Almond Stiletto Shape & Extra Long Length Gives The Perfect Illusion To Your Fingers To Look Perfectly Thin, Slim & Long, For You To Achieve The Best Elegant, Fabulous & Ultimate Gorgeous Hands.
♛ SHINE & Stand Out With These Beautiful Nails. Unique & Flawless DIY Nail Art At Home For All Girls & Women. Daily Wear, Special Occasion, Birthday, Party, Wedding, Holidays, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day & More. ⭐️ Look Gorgeous, Feel Gorgeous! ⭐️


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