Foot Spa Massager Baths with Heat Bubbles Vibration 8 Rollers Digital Temperature Control Acupressure Points Pedicure Stone Soak Tub Soothe Relax Tired Feet Relieve Muscle Pain Home Use


Price: $69.80
(as of Mar 20,2021 09:28:21 UTC – Details)

A calming spa experience at your own house!
The foot spa massager would generate heated water that sufficiently promotes blood circulation and relaxes your foot muscles.Elegant color of the Foot Bath fits seamlessly with a modern household, making it a great gift for self or others.

Aerobic Bubble & Vibrating Massage
-Aerobic Bubble Massage
-Generating thousands of bubbles to wrap your feet with total comfort.
-Vibrating Massage
-Warming buzz that deeper relaxes your foot as well as removing parts of dead skin cells.

Safety Information:
1. Do not stand up or place any objects inside the tub.
2. Do not use this product if the product parts are dropped or damaged.
3. Do not immerse the foot massager into water.
4. Do not use if you have inflamed feet or any open wounds on your feet or toes.
5. Ensure the unit is off and disconnected from the power source when filling with water or cleaning.

1. Place the product flat and put a proper amount of water.

2. Connect the product to power supply and the screen will show “OFF”.

3. Press the power button and the current water temperature will be displayed on the screen.

4. Press the heating button (when the heating function is on, the bubble function will turn on at the same time) and set the desired temperature.

5. After you enjoy the foot bath massage, please dump the water out of the basin in time.

31 in 1 professional foor bath – This foot spa bath with heating function provides you a warm foot spa to relieve fatigue, calming bubbles that percolate through water to pamper your feet, and intense vibration to melt away stress. Bubbles to reduce the pressure while massaging. These 3 functions can work separately or work at the same time.
Upgraded ergonomic massage rollers – With built-in massage rollers, you can enjoy active foot massage during a warm foot bath. Rollers are dotted with acu-nodes following sole reflexology for deep massage, which stimulates pressure points and dredges meridians to improve metabolism and sleeping quality.
Home pedicure – Treat your feet to the perfect pedicure in the comfort of your own home with our luxurious foot baths with soothing heat and gentle vibration.After the massage, remove dirt and dead skin by rubbing your foot on the built-in pedicure stone. No more salon trip ever since!
Fast heating – The heating element of this foot bath massager heats and maintains water at selected temperature (95-118°F) efficiently, without hassle of filling hot water or temperature dropping, offering luxury hot foot soak to keep your feet toasty and hydrated for reduced fatigue and swelling


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