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grizzly salmon oilgrizzly salmon oil

Since 2002, Grizzly Pet Products has focused on the development & production of wild-sourced fish products for dogs, cats, and horses, all based out of our headquarters in Washington state, USA.

Our products range from salmon oil and treats derived from wild Alaskan salmon, and limited-ingredient pet food, to hemp-enhanced supplements for dogs and cats. Whether your favorite pet is a cat, a dog, or a horse, we are passionate about educating all pet owners about the research-documented health benefits of fish-based omega-3 fatty acids from wild Alaskan salmon.

Our goal is to continue to identify and manufacture superior products and to make these products readily available to every pet owner.

The idea for our business was born when we discovered that many parts of wild-sourced salmon were being discarded/going unused after the fish had been processed into fillets for human consumption. By developing partnership agreements, and locating facilities adjacent to human-grade fish processing plants in Alaska, we were able to use the left over co-products to extract our salmon oil with no extra processing, thus capturing far more of the high quality oils while utilizing the entire human-grade fish for a very good purpose: our pets!

Grizzly takes pride in continuously helping to support your beloved companion animal’s quality of life. To that end, we are dedicated to developing innovative, minimally processed, healthy fish-based products that benefit your dog, cat or horse.

The most complete source of wild-sourced Omega-3 fatty acids comes from wild Alaskan salmon. Grizzly Salmon Oil helps support cognition and nerve-based function, healthy organs, heart, joints, skin and coat.

grizzly salmon oilgrizzly salmon oil

nasc approved certifiednasc approved certified

Is Your Salmon Oil Approved by the NASC?

If you are buying any supplement for your pet, make sure it is from a manufacturer who is a certified member of NASC.

The NASC’s mission is to work cooperatively with state, federal and international government officials to create a fair, reasonable, and nationally consistent legislative and regulatory environment.

Such an environment of safety, accuracy and quality serves the interests of NASC’s members by ensuring that ethical manufacturing and labeling practices are complied with throughout the industry.

wild caught alaskan salmon oilwild caught alaskan salmon oil

Not All Salmon Oil is Created Equal.

Grizzly uses only wild-sourced Alaskan salmon because they spend their entire lives foraging on a natural and nutrient-rich diet.

Why is this important? Wild Alaskan salmon have inherent antioxidants and vitamins not found in farmed salmon. Wild Alaskan salmon contain 40% more omega-3 content than farm-raised salmon, so you receive 40% more servings, calories and benefits.

Avoid farm-raised salmon oil. Salmon oil is like a finger print. Check the Omega-6 levels from a verified analysis:

If Omega-6 levels are over 3.5% it is either farm-raised or molecularly distilled, which uses alcohol and esters, rendering it a non-natural and non-wild-sourced product.
If Omega-6 levels are hidden or not provided, nearly always the salmon oil is farmed or mixed with farmed oil.

If the salmon oil manufacturer is not certified by the NASC, there is no assurance the label and/or product claims are accurate because the supply chain and manufacturing practices have not been audited.

sourced sustainablesourced sustainable

No Fish is Caught for the Purpose of Making Oil.

Fishing for wild Alaskan salmon is heavily protected and regulated. Since Grizzly is an NASC member, you know their entire supply chain and facilities have been thoroughly audited.

Also, the NASC consistently reviews product labels and the language on this very listing for accuracy.

To ensure they use only premium ingredients and leave a small ecological footprint, Grizzly created partnerships with human-grade fish-processing plants in Alaska and built their very own facilities practically next-door.

From their own Alaskan facilities to their headquarters in Woodinville, WA, Grizzly’s salmon oil never leaves their hands until it is bottled and sent to you. Grizzly sends samples of every batch to independent third-party laboratories for contents and quality control.

Contains Wild Alaskan Salmon

Contains Wild Antarctic Krill Oil

Contains Glucosomine & Chondroitin

Contains Turmeric

Every Batch 3rd Party Tested for Quality & Contents

NOURISH THE ENTIRE BODY. Helps Support Immune System, Heart, Organ Health, Cognition, Vision, Fertility, Nerve Based Functions and a Healthy Skin and Coat.
BALANCED BLEND of Omega 3 EPA and DHA, Inherent Antioxidants and Vitamins that Naturally Occur in the Salmon.
A TRUSTED BRAND WITH UNIQUE LEADERSHIP. From the Creators of Industry Leading Grizzly Salmon Oil. Led by a Career Biochemical Engineer and Creator of Grizzly Salmon Oil, GRIZZLY’S Premium Products Begin with Quality Ingredients, Precise Production, and End with Every Batch Tested by Verified 3rd Party Quality Testing Laboratories.
FEEDING. Simply Serve Over Your Dog’s Food. Each Bottle is Equipped with an Air Tight, Medical Grade Pump for an Exact Measurement. See Product Images for Feeding Instructions.



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