Hilton: You see something only from the left as a barbaric class society


“We must listen to people who think differently,” says host for the Next Movement, “save our passion for real change.”

Below are some of the statements on this subject

Iron Dragon 1990 – You can’t demand loyalty while acting smug and condescending towards the people you disagree with. That’s only going to make things worse.

timothy sharp – remember that couple that defended their property last summer. they got in so much hot water over it…. right now congress is yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shafiq Raju – “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

Jerome Lewis – In some documentary some time down the road we may finally hear the truth about the 2020 General election, this is how it always has been.

KingsBlade – If I can feel the divide that has grown in the US in my small town, drinking morning coffee and reading through the daily morning news who else can? This isn’t a good sign for our future.

patricia woods – hey eP calling him baldy is a childish way of getting people to agree with you superficially, all liberals are superficial and contemptuous of anyone who has a different view

Jarratikan Solo – From entertainment to government. Instead of hiring people that have accomplishments or merit. They hire by race and sexuality. That spells a country about to fall apart.

PoGirl Shines – These “aristocrats” must have never heard about the French Revolution. When you push those with nothing to lose, you will lose everything.

Fed Up – It’s also funny how if we didn’t work our butts off they wouldn’t be where they are. Not to mention the way they stolen from us.

Milton Perez – Fox says Donald Trump didn’t win. Remember guys, they’re still saying Mr. Trump lost on fox news instead of investigating it.


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