“It should have never, ever escalated the way it did”


Good Morning America

Daunte Wright’s parents spoke to “Good Morning America” about their son’s killing, saying police have not given them very much information at all.

Katie Wright said her son was afraid of the police and she could hear the fear in his voice when she last spoke to him.

The situation “should have never, ever escalated the way it did,” Katie Wright said.

Aubrey Wright said he doesn’t accept the police chief’s explanation that his son’s killing was an accidental shooting.

“I cannot accept that. I lost my son. He’s never coming back. I can’t accept that, a mistake, that doesn’t even sound right. You know, this officer has been on the force for 26 plus, 26 years. I can’t accept that,” Aubrey Wright said.

Katie Wright said she wants to see Officer Kim Potter “held accountable for everything that she’s taken from us.”

The mother also said she appreciates the protesters’ support but wants protests to be peaceful.

“I want to say thank you so much for the support and standing by us and making sure that my son’s name has been heard and asking for justice and asking for that, we get everything that need out of this and making sure that my son’s name doesn’t get swept under the rug and forgot about,” she said.

Family attorney Ben Crump said Potter was a training officer, so “it’s not about training, it’s about implicit bias.”

“It’s about giving the same respect and consideration to people of color that we give to White American citizens,” Crump said.

Katie Wright described her son as her baby who had a “smile that would light up the room.”

“My son was an amazing, loving kid. He had a big heart. He loved basketball. He had a 2-year-old son that’s not going to be able to play basketball with him,” she said.

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