Man with Confederate flag in Capitol identified and arrested


The FBI has arrested Kevin Seefried, seen carrying a Confederate flag inside Capitol Hill, according to a federal criminal complaint. #CNN #News.



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  2. American Traitors of Long Ago! Lost the War! let Get Over It!! Slavery Also is Over!! STOP carrying the Flag of the Losing and Racist Side! Germany Does Not Carry the Nazis Flag No More and Is Illegal There! Same should be Done Here do Get Behind Us this Dark Past as Germany has Done!

  3. Trump supporters: White people with huge bears, storming the Capitol, carrying Confederate flags, carrying Trump flags, screaming "Trump 2020", trying to steal Biden's electoral college votes, not wearing masks…

    Also Trump supporters: "It was Antifa!"

  4. Democrats and the MSM with the big tech did a coup and stole the 3l3ction. The riots on the 6th were used as a filibuster to certify fr@udulent 3l3ction without discussing or investigating or 3xposing 3l3ction fr@ud. This should be fixed with another but fair 3l3ction where only legitimate votes count and it should be one person one vote. >> video 3videnc3 of 3l3ction fr@ud in Michigan(recent finding) >>

  5. Too bad they didn't have this kind of coverage during the months of riots and destruction and assaults on law enforcement where people DIDN'T get arrested, and if they did, charges were dropped or the Demonrats bailed them out. CNN is a joke.

  6. It's the flag the Democrats adopted back in 1860, they can't arrest him he is a democrat and watches CNN, also walls work now? Democrats told us they didn't for the last 4 years

  7. So; you can all go out and burn and loot private businesses and destroy the lives of innocent people but you can't express your dislike for crooked politicians. You can break down the doors of innocent people but when it comes to the doors of communist politicians it's suddenly a crime. and you all know this has been the case people: admit it. Your loosing your country because of wolves' disguised as sheep. Did u all like it when Isis cut off Americans heads; well, your letting this country be led right into the same kind of power (socialist liberal, progressive democrats)


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