MRBrest – Offering People $100,000 To Quit Their Job


MRBrest – Offering People $100,000 To Quit Their Job subtitle

I’m in front of a restaurant with a hundred thousand dollar check. Hey, how’s it going. I’m curious if you would quit your job for a hundred thousand dollars

no i don’t think. i would like i have got bills to pay.

you can get a different job and have a hundred thousand dollars

 my boss would not be happy

let’s ask him would you be mad if she quit for a hundred grand

not at all

are you serious i’m your favorite employee

i would

let you hurt your boss

okay i’m putting my two-week notice right now oh no two weeks

and if you don’t believe the money is real in this car is a hundred thousand dollars in duffel bags

mr beast thanks to you i can quit my job now i’m so happy

we’re just getting started we have hundreds of thousands of more dollars we’re giving away next minute and now we’re gonna do it again at walmart have either of you seen the channel mr beast yes i was curious would you quit your job for ten thousand dollars in cash no i figured you’d say that you don’t actually have to quit your job do you want 10 grand though yes i would love it here you go we’re not actually gonna make her quit her job oh you’re crying we just thought that my grandma had stayed for cancer i’m sorry no you’re sad

this is god we’re working things out life this is such a blessing now we’re on a football field with two ex-quarterbacks now can you throw that football to him you guys just made one dollar you just made another dollar every time you throw the football back and forth you guys get a dollar now here’s the thing if one of you drop it or it touches the ground you lose all your money they literally have all day to make as much money as they want we’re going to go to the next bit

this is an 800 000 mansion and this is the key to the front door play dramatic music that felt empowering i feel like a man now now nolan if you pick the correct key out of this fishbowl that unlocks this door you get to keep this mansion pick a key no wait good luck oh he’s dropping the keys out this could be an 800 000 decision nolan you’re taking forever four three two one oh that was a bad decision and this kid unlocks the house he gets a mansion oh thank god it’s way too brilliant we are now at an airport and this is a pilot i fly planes and i want you to take this piece of paper and make a paper airplane and if it makes it past this line he gets one thousand dollars five thousand ten thousand and if it makes it all the way past this line twenty thousand dollars if there was anyone

who knew how to make a perfect paper airplane it would be wayne that would be me do you think you’re gonna win the 20 grand i’m gonna give it my best shot twenty thousand dollars is on the line for the precision oh huh hey that’s not bad wait a minute chris it only halfway made it this is the halfway point of the airplane uh-huh oh all right just won ten thousand dollars in cash i’ll take it wait can we just throw this money in your plane yes sir put it right back here [Music]

now that the money’s in your plane the only reasonable thing to do is fly off right all right let’s go give away more money now we’re on the side of the road and we have a flat tire and whoever helps us change this flat tire first gets the car hey we got a flat tire hey what a jerk [Music] yes let’s go we got some money we don’t know how to change a tire we’ve literally been on the side of the road for over an hour just waiting for someone to help us are you serious this happened to me like many years ago

i really liked this guy he said his car was falling apart he’s being very helpful very kind this is a perfect guy brian thank you so much for helping us change this tire do you see that camera over there oh yeah we’re actually a youtube channel with 50 million subscribers and since you helped us change the tire on this car it’s now yours what terry come over here after the car don’t get run over basically we purposely popped that tire and waited for over an hour to have someone come help fix it since you were the one who helped us fix it here’s the key to your brand new car yeah are you kidding me that’s what you get for helping us man we appreciate

it i’m just glad it went to someone who actually you know could use the help no words this right here is david he’s a professional golf player dave if you can hit a hole in one i will give you one million dollars today i think i can do it dude actually how many times have you hit on this too many to count did you ever hit all i want no but i don’t want to talk about that right now carl’s 151 yards away so the wind’s coming off a little left to right it is a little wet and damp 60 degrees which is a little bit cooler so the ball’s not gonna want to fly as well he’s really calculating everything

i’m starting to get nervous for a million dollars oh good dude it’s like actually going in that direction oh my god oh snap oh oh oh my gosh that is so close oh my god dude look how close he is oh my goodness you are less than one chris away from a million dollars dave you didn’t win a million dollars but if you can hit it in on this next stroke i’ll give you 10 grand get it in there oh my god thank you so much guys for this opportunity it’s unbelievable that’s the best way to put it and speaking of winning 10 grand

i wonder how the football players are doing gentlemen what is up dude it’s almost dark out yeah it’s getting rough out here this is how many times they’ve thrown it back and forth so far whoa look at how full this case is getting the money that they’ve made i have one challenge before we go if you go ten yards back and do one throw i’ll add five thousand dollars to your total this is a five thousand dollar throw actually this is more this is five thousand plus all the money you’ve made because if he drops it they’re done you ready yep

oh boy i’m nervous get through it that was a little scary i’m not gonna highlight oh yeah this trash bag has five thousand dollars in it our boy chandler here is hungry chandler’s gonna order a pizza from papa john’s chris is gonna order a pizza from domino’s and carl’s gonna order a pizza from pizza hut whichever pizza is delivered first we’re gonna tip that pizza delivery driver ten thousand dollars whoever picks that driver that arrives first we’re gonna give your mom ten thousand dollars oh yeah my mom gentlemen the weather outside is very nice and order your pizza oh my god i’m so good at this it’ll be for delivery i don’t want anything it’ll be for delivery hiccups it’s delivery i want a pizza nope it’s a rush order if you can other driver that thank you let’s go 25 minutes and counting this is for delivery [Music]

why do you guys do this stop it uh it’s for delivery in the end i can’t deal with this i’m going to the domino’s ad create new order delivery no tomato sauce no cheese just bread bread pizza it said hold up this pizza doesn’t look right wondering if we have an order from you that small hand tossed pizza with no sauce and no cheese and we’re just calling to confirm that you just wanted a slab of dough bread pizza yes this is my local dominoes tied to my account i’m not going to be able to get dominoes anymore after this omar just texted me he’s nine minutes away what i was wondering about the status of the delivery

i’m very hungry awesome thank you you can tell him never mind i don’t want it i love you oh more oh mar three minutes almost three minutes away move uh hey omar has entered our neighborhood and will arrive shortly shortly but not short enough is your guy here i don’t know oh pulling up maybe no thanks no thanks hey rmr chris what’s up mr b what’s up what’s up come on come on in come on in i love you guys oh perfect well guess what we ordered a pizza from papa john’s pizza hut and dominos at the same time since you were the first one to deliver the pizza here’s ten thousand dollars in cash get out of here let’s go grab pizza yeah pizza

oh my god thank you guys so much welcome oh man how’s your pizza let’s try it out hi thank you so much hey hi i’m come down i’m actually going to share my tip with you god seriously that’s yours oh thank you so much you just can’t make this stuff up chandler’s driver still isn’t here your luck is so bad people think i script the videos this guy omar he just won you ten thousand dollars thanks jimmy thank you we love you mom bye this next bit is a fun one and this is chat a professional soccer player hey what’s up guys ward on the street is you’re really good so if you kick that ball in that goal i’ll give you a thousand dollars chris yes stand in the goal chad do you want to risk your one thousand dollars for five thousand dollars but this time chris is the goalie

i would do it yes risk it yes yes of course five thousand dollars doesn’t it why didn’t you stop the ball i like spending your money it’s what i do carl go get in the goal do you want to do double or nothing let’s let’s do it man for the biscuit twelve thousand dollars on the line oh wow carl you’re hating chad or something i couldn’t have done it if i wanted to i’m so sorry that’s not my fault play the replay i don’t see anyone else that ricocheted off of i’m not really good at stuff like this uh i’m gonna go check on the football players i love you man what is up gentlemen

this is how much money they’ve made so far i feel like we should end it in a fun way i love how serious they are it’s like i’m not even here are you guys interested in doing a little bit of double or nothing no no you don’t even know what it is yet this is 17 000 if you do 130 yard pass then you can each walk away with 17 grand just your stereotypical touchdown pass one pass 30 yards to here and he catches it you both walk away with 17 grand you know what i’ll up it you both walk away with 20 grand and can go to bed what do you think griff i mean i’m up for it if you think you can do it

you you say yes or no yes yeah all right moment of truth can he make this touchdown pass this is the most important touchdown of your career so you two just won forty thousand dollars what do you have to say i am i’m shaking i can’t believe it i’m done gambling after that have you ever wanted to compete for 100 000 in one of our videos well

now you can we just dropped finger on the app too which is available on ios and android basically there’s a timer on the app and when that timer hits zero everyone with their finger on the app will be entered into the challenge and whoever takes their finger off the app last wins 100 000 in cash and this challenge is 100 free to compete in it is a free app and if you want to get some training in before the competition on march 20th you can compete in the battle mode against random people online it’s a great way to hone your skills for the main event and you can also earn extra lives for the challenge the game is available in the us canada and mexico i’m sorry europe and the rest of world your laws are weird and just so we’re on the same page this is finger on the app too it’s a completely separate app than the first one 000.


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