Natural Skin Care For Intertrigo, Aromatherapy for Relaxation, Luxury Natural Skincare, Herbal Salve, Ultra Healing Body Butter


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This Body Care Set provides deep after shower luxury as well as intertrigo prevention and care. Step out of the shower, scoop some Citrus Grove Body Butter and warm between hands. Massage over legs, arms and body. Breathe deeply and experience the sweet marjoram and bergamot essential oils providing relaxation and clarity. Do the same with All Purpose Salve and focus on areas like heels of feet and elbows that may need a little deeper healing. The scent of this salve is a bit more astringent with the tee tree and cedar leaf doing their thing. Now pour a small amount of powder into hand and smooth over areas that may want a little more dryness such as the bra and bikini line, underarms, between toes. Know that you have just gifted yourself with a little extra love while contributing to the movement of consumers making a difference with environmentally and socially responsible self care. Body Powder tube is biodegradable and recyclable, Body Butter jar is 100% post consumer recycled, and salve jar is glass. Re-use and recycle. Ora’s Amazing Herbal. Amazing Herbs, Amazing Skin.

Blissful Earth Body Powder is one of Ora’s most popular products. It does not contain talc or corn, and is scented with lavender, clary sage and vetiver essential oils. This means the whole experience is a new level of self care luxury, from the texture to the aromatherapy.
The primary ingredient for All Purpose Salve is Ora’s Base Oil, infused for 6 weeks with organic herbs. This means that it is the perfect ointment to prevent any skin irritation and for after cleansing areas that tend to need a little extra attention for staying fresh. The essential oils are tea tree, rosemary and cedar leaf. All have been used by herbalists traditionally to help prevent growth of any bacteria or yeast. The perfect prevention for yeasts
Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Body Butter is a reich and beautiful blend of organic and fair trade shea butter, with Ora’s Base Oil, Rosehip Oil and others. The essential oils help prevent any rash causing microbial growth and smell Amazing at the same time. Sweet marjoram, benzoin and bergamot have a beautiful overall relaxation effect and also feel cleansing to our mind and heart as well as our skin.
Like all our sets, this natural anti-rash body care set is hand packaged by our happy team, right here in our New Jersey, FDA registered facility.


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