NTSB searches for answers on Denver plane incident


A Boeing 777 with 241 people on board experienced catastrophic engine failure before performing a successful emergency landing.



  1. This guy s lottery opened and now he can easily claim at least his home car repaired and may get 20 millions for unwanted anxiety harassment and waste of time.

  2. 1:39 – BIG piece of the front engine cowling… Talk about a tremendous force explosion on that engine to blow that whole piece clean off… I would think the Triple 7 model itself is gonna be under some intense scrutiny now!

  3. #NotAnExpert But I am a nerd that knows everything documentaries have been able to teach me, and the only thing I have to add to what the video already said: Vibrations. Bad. Serious, planes & their individual parts can shake apart if they vibrate too long/too violently. Tbc, planes truly are very safe, that's honestly why I'm so interested in how and why they can fail.

    Or how and why sometimes things you'd expect to kill everyone result in everyone getting off without so much as a scrap and other times incredibly minor problems can result in total loss.
    Again your about as likely to be in the later is about as a polar bear giving you the winning lottery ticket after just having mauled you, in the middle of Miami. Your honestly more likely to have the former happen. It's weird how many people survive legit crashes. Just listen to the safety brief, the flight attendants, and then get you and any children your traveling with in a quick, but orderly fashion.

  4. 2 pilots, both former military, one a Air Force pilot the other Marine corps pilot:
    AF pilot: OH God OH God the engines blown it's gonna fall off the wing!!
    Marine corps pilot: STHU you POG, we got a engine left and my Ex-wife and her tool ass boyfriend is on the plane, let's push it another lap around the city! 😆😆

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  6. This is an uncontained engine failure, it does happen but rarely. I'm surprised they're grounding the 777's over this. It's not a failure of the aircraft itself, if it was all 777's worldwide would be grounded.


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