Pence is asked in the House to delete Trump by the 25th amendment

Pence is asked in the House to delete Trump by the 25th amendment
Pence is asked in the House to delete Trump by the 25th amendment

The Republicans have just blocked a resolution by House Leader Steny Hoyer to drive the 25th amendment away from President Trump.

In a motion, Democrats tried to take Vice President Mike Pence and Cabinet, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, asking for an appeal for the 25th amendment, but the Republicans blocked it.

By unanimous consensus, Hoyer attempted to pass the amendment. Alex Mooney objected to the petition of West Virginia Republican Rep.

Chamber president Nancy Pelosi said that on Tuesday Democrats would move a full vote on the bill.

The house is currently suspended after 9 a.m. AND TOMAGN.

Below are some of the statements on this subject

  1. Michelle Dax – “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution. ” -🖋📃Thomas Jefferson 🇺🇸🏛

2. Sharon Rose – Yeah, they keep saying he’s learned something. All he’s learning is that he can get away with anything. How much clearer can that be?

3. Rüdiger Podlaha – The GOP has been hunching their backs for years, pretending they had everything under control, and they would have carried on with him. What do you expect from a mixture of mobsters and cowards?

4. Cid B – Roy Blunt’s “hot stove” analogy sounds like Susan Collins after the Ukraine fiasco and look how that turned out.

5. M.C CheddarBox – He has publicly stated he is planning something “defiant” What… wtf is it going to take?? All these “public servants ” are NOT serving us so why are they in office??

6. Maurice Nixon – How come no one’s bringing up the fact that more American lives were lost in the Capitol siege than the Benghazi one?

7. Decus – Trump’s supporters were literally out to hang Pence from a tree during the insurrection, if Pence doesn’t have the courage to stand up to Trump then I don’t even know what to say at that point.

8. sarojkumar mishra – “Americans elected Donald Trump because of his money, this was not a wise step.” “Trump is a business tycoon, he has continued his worldwide estate business as President of the United States of America.” “He says in his style-Barack, Hussein Obama.” “…

9. Doug Warner – The Wikipedia article, “2021 storming of the United States Capitol” is a fun read, but the entry “2021 efforts to remove Donald Trump from office” is polluted with GOP cowardice and inaction.

10. Seraph Johansson – How many renditions of “I think he learned his lesson” do we have to hear about a full grown man, not to mention the POTUS?! He’s not a child! He’s not learning anything! Remove him!

11. Saul Goodman – They move fast when it’s their agenda they are taking care of. But all the hurting Americans are good to go with 600…



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