PurelyWHITE Teeth Whitening Kit – (3) 3ML Gel Syringes With Dental Grade (35%) Carbamide Peroxide – Noticeably Whiter Teeth Without Pain Or Sensitivity – LED Accelerator Light, Mouth Tray, Case


Price: $29.99
(as of Feb 24,2021 19:49:31 UTC – Details)

Not satisfied with the effects of your whitening toothpaste? Everyone desires sparkly white teeth to enhance their beautiful smile, but even after years of using whitening toothpaste, teeth often remain yellow and stained even without coffee or cigarettes. Even worse, the abrasive ingredients in your toothpaste may cause your enamel to wear away. You worry that this will lead to tooth decay and sensitivity, which are the last things you want to happen. Not to worry – the PurelyWHITE Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit safely whitens your teeth without producing any sensitivity! Our gel syringes contain polyvinylpyrrolidone, which prevents stains from building up on the surface of your teeth. The LED accelerator light features 6 powerful bulbs that speed up the whitening process. See amazing results without risking damage to your veneers, crowns, braces, or enamel! Our kit’s special formula and technology offer far superior results compared to whitening toothpaste, gels, strips, and charcoal w5hitening solutions. There’s no need to visit a professional to get that picture perfect smile. Simply use this kit for 10 minutes daily, making sure to follow the instructions. See visible changes in color after just 1 treatment! What’s included: ✔ (3) 3ml whitening gel syringes (with 35% carbamide peroxide) for a total of 12+ whitening treatments ✔ (1) 6-bulb LED accelerator light with built-in timer and beeper ✔ 1 mouth tray ✔ 1 mouth tray case ✔ Detailed instructions

✅WHITENING GEL FORMULATED FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS – Experience a smile up to 8 shades whiter with our dentist-formulated, enamel-safe 35% carbamide peroxide-based formula.
✅IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH – Each syringe contains carbamide peroxide and polyvinylpyrrolidone, special agents that can boost gum health and help to prevent plaque, tooth decay, and cavities.
✅RESULTS AFTER FIRST USE – Use once a day for 10 minutes to remove deep stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more. Many people experience whitening after their first application of the PurelyWHITE dentist-approved formula.
✅ SAFE FOR DAILY USE – Our tray is universal and fits all mouth shapes and sizes. Whiten your teeth without worries! Each gel syringe is kosher, gluten-free, safe for the enamel, and formulated not to trigger tooth sensitivity.


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