Safeguard Supply Motion Door Chime- Simple To Use 95dB Loud 4000′ Range Wireless Motion Detector Door Bell For Business, Ideal Expandable Wireless Doorbell For Office, Business, Retail & Warehouse


Price: $99.99
(as of Mar 12,2021 10:31:21 UTC – Details)


The ERA-MOTION DOOR CHIME is a wireless motion sensor door chime that’s designed to monitor all types of entrances, even those where the door sometimes remains open. This doorbell alert system is an ideal door bell for office, retail stores, convenience stores, & warehouses. It also provides coverage in open areas & narrow areas such as hallways, dock doors, asiles, sensitives areas, etc. When someone walks through the door chime motion sensor detection area (such as a entry door, customer waiting area, dressing room, check out lane, dock door or virtually any area where the entry sensor is located) the ERA-PIR wireless door sensor transmits a signal up to 4,000′ away to the ERA-DCRX wireless entrance alert door chime receiver. Each ERA-DCRX plug in receiver is capable of pairing with four (4) entrance sensor transmitters per zone. You may add as many entry chime receivers as needed. Each zone will play 1 of 12 melodies you assign to the zone so you can easily distinguish which door opening chime sensor was activated. For example, you may program zone 1 to a door or area and have it play a simple ding-dong sound, while zone 2 is programmed to a different location which plays the Westminster Chime sound. The receiver features a volume control button allowing you to turn the unit off, mute the unit, and set to four different sound levels, with max sound approximately 95 dB. In addition, each zone on the receiver features a live 12V DC output that allows you to add sirens, strobes, firebells, and buzzers to increase the sound or add bright visual indicators. The receiver also features 1 x C-form relay assignable to any combination of zones.


1 x Motion Doorbell Sensor
1 x Commercial Door Bell Wireless Receiver
1 x Manual
1 x Mounting Bracket & Screws
1 x 1 Year Warranty

🔔 The ERA-Motion Door Chime commercial door buzzer incorporates the latest technology that other inferior entrance chime door annunciator units do not, making it the ideal door bell sensor for business
🔔 A long range wireless doorbell 4000′ signal penetrating reinforced concrete, wood, steel, stucco, metal which traverses multiple walls, floors & even unattached buildings
🔔 Unique passive infrared door motion sensor chime technology which eliminates most false alarms caused by other inferior entry alert chime systems
🔔 95dB Loud door chime plug in receiver with 12 melodies & volume control that can be adjusted to be heard in the quiet offices or the noisiest warehouses.
🔔 Unlike other wireless door entry systems, the ERA-PRDCR commercial door chime can function as a powerful door bell alarm out of the box or futher expand the system, take advantage of the form-c relays or add 12VDC accessories


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