Slack opens with a major outage in 2021

Slack opens with a major outage in 2021
Slack opens with a major outage in 2021

The new news from Slack at 1:51 PM ET shows that the organization is already trying to address any remaining problems:

  • Update, 11:30 AM ET: Added that the issue was updated to a full outage of its services by Slack
  • Update, 12:35 PM ET: Added that certain customers may be returning from the service
  • Update, 2:14 PM ET: Added the latest update message from Slack, and that we don’t appear to be having problems anymore at The Verge.

In the first full workday of 2021, Slack is down. The company said customers may have trouble loading channels or connecting to Slack at this time on Monday morning. Our team is investigating and as soon as we have it, we will be following up with more information. For any disturbance incurred, we apologize.

Users started reporting problems about 10 AM ET, and at 10:14 AM the company posted its first status update on the subject. The service seemed to be steadily returning to normal for some customers as of 12:29 PM ET, we here at The Verge were able to switch back to Slack and start work there at about 1:30 PM ET, and since then we have had no delays.

Slack was reporting trouble with linking to the service and communicating at first. A post on the 11:20 AM ET status page updated the condition to a full-blown blackout, with all facets of Slack displaying as inaccessible, including log-ins, texting, calls, and connections. According to the status page, “All hands are on deck at our end to further investigate”.


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