Sleeping Beauty Cartoon Bath Towel 100% Microfiber Bath Towels Super Soft Fluffy and Absorbent Luxury Large Beach Towel-(52 X 32 in)


Price: $33.05
(as of Jul 03,2021 10:30:36 UTC – Details)

Color:Sleeping Beauty Cartoon Bath Towel

Size:length 52in (130cm) x width 32in

Wash towels in cold water before first use (The cold first wash will open up the fibers to make it more plush) We recommend that you soak the towels in cold water for 12 hours and then hang them to dry for maximum absorbency and softness. Please AVOID fabric softener, dryer sheets and/or bleach as the chemicals will only reduce the softness of the towels.

Beautiful pattern: beautiful and bright design, high-quality printing technology can prevent the pattern from fading. This beach towel is not only practical, but also beautiful.

Material description: This bath towel is made of upgraded microfiber. Compared with cotton, superfine fiber has the characteristics of strong water absorption, fast drying, light weight and easy to carry. This upgraded microfiber is softer and more skin-friendly than traditional microfibers.

Various decorations: decorative towels for indoor and outdoor sports, hot springs, swimming pools, etc. Suitable for beach, bathroom, hotel, office or gym. Even the ideal gift.

Material size: 100% polyester (microfiber), length 52in (130cm) x width 32in (80cm).
Product performance: The unique microfiber fabric is used, the printing effect is bright and does not fade, the fabric has strong water absorption, and the fabric is fluffy, soft and skin-friendly. Due to the fluffy and soft characteristics of the fabric, it can also be used as a blanket.
Applicable scenarios: bathroom, swimming pool, beach, school, outdoor, travel, tourism, picnic, etc., can be used as a commemorative gift or souvenir, personalized pattern customization will bring you envious eyes, especially for holidays, bachelor parties , Weddings, birthdays, travelers, and anyone who likes to swim or sunbathe is a good choice!
Accessories structure: one side is a pattern, the other side is white fluff.
Washing instructions: The product is not suitable for high-temperature scalding above 40 degrees; the fluff is sticky with fuel when it is first put into the water, and it will be slightly discolored during washing, and the product itself will not fade; do not wring dry after washing, and smooth in the direction of the hair to keep it Original pattern.


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