Sushi Making Kit – Make Every Type of Sushi with Rolling Mats, Maki, Onigiri, Nigiri Molds aswell as an Center Sushi Plate for the whole Family to Sit Around


Price: $34.99
(as of Mar 12,2021 08:51:10 UTC – Details)

Sushi & Maki Making Kit By Grow Your Pantry

Making Sushi at home has never been more fun and easy. With our unique mold and high quality rolling mats with the famous sushi bazooka you will create your best futomaki and uramaki’s yet! Not to mention the onigiri and Nigiri Molds. The kit has been made for group settings and experience, making sure to give everyone at the sushi table a fun and enjoyable time. With 5 pairs of beautifully crafted chopsticks, a trio tray for Japanese condiments and a Centre Sushi Plate. Everyone can join in and enjoy their sushi with their favorite dips.

With an ergonomic style rice paddle and avocado spreader knife, you can get the perfect amount and spread evenly over your nori paper.

We know the best sushi takes more than just cool gadgets, so we have come up with a brilliant instruction manual and designed our own recipe ebook with tips on making the best sushi. It’s time to impress your family and friends with the best rolled maki’s!

Coming in a secure gift box, we know it will be a great gift for sushi lovers..Oh and the Bonus Gift, which you will discover upon opening, sorry we can’t tell you now.

PERFECT SUSHI ROLLS EVERYTIME – With our unique, proven and easy rolling system you’ll get tasty and amazing looking sushi every time. Say no to sloppy shapes, rice spilling everywhere and rolls missing ingredients!
FUN FAMILY EXPERIENCE – Enough pieces for all the family to craft and enjoy sushi at once! Our sushi making kit has been tested by families during development ensuring it is the ideal gift for to learn, craft and enjoy amazing sushi at home.
ALL TYPES OF SUSHI AND MAKI – The only sushi making system that allows for all types to be made – Futo Maki, Uramaki, Onigiri Sushi and More! Saving you money, time and stress with our easy to use 2-in-1 system. Typical maki molds cost over $30 alone!
SIMPLE TO USE – Learn to make restaurant quality sushi in 10 minutes. Included is a guide book, recipe e-book and full instructions. Taking you from complete novice to seasoned sushi chef in minutes. You’ll be able to make 100’s of rolls per hour!
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our materials are durable, treated and sustainably sourced. Our sushi system and guide so simple to understand and make that we’ll give you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.


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