The immigration strategy of Biden is ‘inviting’ migrants to the United States: Former NM Gov.

The immigration strategy of Biden is 'inviting' migrants to the United States: Former NM Gov.
The immigration strategy of Biden is 'inviting' migrants to the United States: Former NM Gov.

>> Bill: we’re open to suggestions.

>> we have now president Joe Biden who cares more about illegal citizens, 11 million of them, becoming citizens instead of almost the 11 million Americans who are out of work.

>> bill: house minority leader McCarthy on president Biden’s immigration policies after he ordered construction on the border wall to stop and no border wall to stop and no deportations for 100 days. Former governor Martinez. What do you think it does for immigration and the border wall. Size it up?

>> we’ll have the same problems we did at the very beginning of president trump’s administration where there was not enough wall, there weren’t enough tools to make sure that our borders were protected. The fence was a piece of the security of our nation. We are not a nation without our borders. I think it is very wrong to bring a halt to the construction of that border because of the thousands and thousands of people that are being invited to come to the united states to become citizens of the united states.

>> dana: Suzanna good to have you here. Moving forward do you think that there will be any sort of unity that can be found on immigration?

>> you know, we’ve had plenty of time to get together and reform the immigration laws. They don’t want to because they want the division. I think congress likes to have people be divided on one side or the other. This can be reformed. I lived in El Paso, Texas. I was — I was the district attorney 25 years on a border county and the governor for eight years of a border county.

I know these issues on a daily basis. I know the people who are already charging people from Honduras, El Salvador, charging them to bring them to the u.s. border. It is a humanitarian issue but also the security of our nation. We have no idea who these people are. And they aren’t going to be held. They’ll be released in our communities just as they were released in my community when I was a young girl. They would walk across the river. Go into our communities and they had no jobs, no family, no food, they had nothing and this is unsafe for them.

>> bill: not just the border wall and immigration and but the deportation order to freeze it for 100 days. It could have a big spike in crime. You can’t take felons and send them back home.

>> the ability to sign an executive order that ignores the law. The written law by congress. That’s why we have three branches of government and there are court orders that say deport these people who are criminals. Send them back to their countries of origin. By the stroke of a pen the president has now said no, we’re not going to send them back. What is the point of the three branches of government if you cannot comply with court orders?

>> dana: great question. I want to ask you about energy jobs. I know new Mexico jobs growing up out west. How many jobs are we talking about in New Mexico? What’s the impact of the policies? Tom Cotton tweeted that president Biden is responsible for every one of these lost jobs. How are people seeing it in new Mexico?

>> when you put a policy forward and say halt everything for 60 days, you have to have an endgame. What’s the goal of that? All it will do is lose jobs. The budget being proposed in New Mexico is dl* 7.2 billion. 38% of that budget comes from oil and gas. If we halt all drilling for 60 days for no good reason and the budget is our education budget of 3.3 billion, what will we do with our k-12 and universities?

Where will the money come from when we don’t have that 38% from our oil and gas? 60 days and it will creep. It will creep and go into a year, another year, another year for leases, for drilling on federal land, and the ability to have right-of-ways for them to be able to do their work. Then the trickle-down effect. All the small businesses that support the oil and gas industry.

>> bill: I don’t hear a lot of optimism from you today.

>> dana: realism.

>> the reason for this rule. We have to provide for our k-12. Why are we worried about the quick fixes that won’t fix a thing? Why aren’t we worried about our kids?


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