The mayor of Treasure Island is considering renaming it 'Tampa Brady'
The mayor of Treasure Island is considering renaming it 'Tampa Brady'

Fla. Of Treasure Island. Its mayor, Larry Lunn, explains why Fox and Friends are on the weekend.

Will: talk about buccaneers pride, there is a movement underway to rename the city of treasure island, Florida, to Tompa Brady, Florida, for 24 hours as the legendary quarterback gears up to play in his 10th super bowl, amazing, for his 7th championship ring. Herewith us the mayor of treasure island, Larry Lund. This is a proposal right, it is not you would rename treasure island, Tompa island?

We have a five-member commission which I am one. I would have to gain approval from a majority of the commissioners to do so. But I’m certainly excited about the opportunity. Treasure Island is a real jewel. We have tremendous businesses. We have a lot of midwestern values in treasure island. Proud to be the mayor of that community. I’ve been so for three years and excited about the future. Will: why do you want to rename the treasure island for tom Brady?

I think it has been wonderful that Tom Brady elected to come to the Tampa bay area. I certainly want to encourage a future drive of people to our community and our area. And I think tom subpoena going to pull it off today and, it will be wonderful for the city and the surrounding area. Will: now I want to read something you said, mayor because I think this is perfect. You said tom Brady is the perfect resident of Florida, the perfect resident of this area. He retired here from a northeastern climate. He has values you appreciate down here. Anybody who watches tom Brady knows about his work ethic, discipline, dedication to his craft. All that you say perfect for this area?

You bet your life. Smart man. I lived in Indiana most of my life, vacationed down here on occasion, came to the realization, this is where I want to be. And I think tom went through the same process. And, his last few years in playing a sport, I think it will be extremely rewarding to this area. Will: you said, like every older person who moves somewhere, tom imposed his culture and beliefs on everyone around him and that is to Tampa bay’s benefit. I love that you and I were talking about this earlier. Did I ask you is for 24 hours only or is this permanent?

That will be up to the commission to make that determination. I would like to rename at least a thoroughfare in treasure island permanently. But again, that will be something that will be determined by the commission itself. Will: this isn’t the first time. I know in the previous administration treasure island was renamed for a cornerback who came down from the new york jets, also another northeasterner came down to Tampa Bay, played for the Bucs, renamed Revis island for short period.

 There is no way we can permanently rename, treasure island, in my opinion, is the best-kept secret. There are a lot of people who look online, see treasure island in vegas, treasure island in San Francisco but they miss the fact that treasure island Florida, is the best-kept secret. Will: to be clear, do tom and the Bucs have to win today to get this approval? Are they going to need to win to get the renaming? Or is it already in the bank?

I feel like he must win today. I certainly would condition my request for the commission based on his win. But, I think he’s, he has done a tremendous amount of good for this area and, I wouldn’t want to penalize him if he didn’t win. Will: mayor larry Lund of treasure island, Florida. You heard it there, tom, love the culture, love the values. Retirement here in Florida.


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