Trump pushing for special counsels to probe election and Hunter Biden


President Donald Trump is pushing extensively for the appointment of special counsels to separately investigate his baseless allegations of voter fraud and …



  1. Fears that those entrusted with guarding the American leadership may be infected with extremist ideology. Some were found involved in the storming of the US Capitol

    An inside hit of the kind that killed many world's leaders by their own
    bodyguards. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
    Such a possibility would worry the US security personnel. An allegation that extends to even some extreme right-wing Republican lawmakers.

  2. It is disgusting listening to anyone from the media describe anything that Trump is doing. Trump is following the law everybody knows the election was rigged the amount of people that voted is beyond comprehension it just didn't happen. The thoughts that both presidential candidates broke the record on how many votes forecast for Presidential candidate is beyond preposterous. Congress needs to throw this fake electoral college vote out and just do the House of Representatives voting on the president because you cannot let this blatant attempt by the DNC or Biden's campaign to rig the election and get away with it this is what happened in socialist countries we are not a socialist country. Letting this go when everybody knows it's a Snow Job would be a crime in itself. I'd be happy to see Biden's whole campaign crew go to jail. They actually have videos of people that are supposed to be counting votes filling out voter cards the Dominion software was designed to rig elections how it got into our election is beyond me we have dead people that voted we have illegals that voted all this stuff right here should make the electoral college votenull and void. Yet the mainstream media just came to yammering on about Biden being the president-elect. It's bullshit.

  3. The Milankovitch cycles cause climate change.
    Obliquity is causing global warming. Direct sunlight
    Precession will cause Global tsunami's at the vernal equinoxes.
    Eccentricity will be the trigger at perihelion

    CV19 like co2 is a lie built on inconvenient truths.
    The baby boomer bust due to Seasonal FLU and old age.

  4. trump has abandonned his job and is ignoring big national security issues. still how stupid can his followers be while watching this?? its his followers fault for allowing this freak show to go on, they are the idiots to blame!

  5. mainly because weakling biden dare not say a single word of the on-going coup .. now trump is pushing it to the brink … imposing martial to overturn the elections just because biden kept quiet all these while …

  6. Why is everyone surprised about his actions, they're the actions if a sore loser. He probably isn't going to Mar-a-lago considering his neighbors don't want him there. So, N.Y. and Florida don't want him, he's running out of places that want him. He doesn't even go to his own parties, because Joseph R. Biden was certified President Elect, again the actions if a desperate sore loser.

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