Video sparks concerns about ‘insider’ support in the Capitol attack

Video sparks concerns about 'insider' support in the Capitol attack
Video sparks concerns about 'insider' support in the Capitol attack

There are more questions than responses about why the pro-trump uprising was supported by politicians and police a week later following the deadly rebellion in the Capitol.

In modern US history, the idea of an uprising is unclear, and it is just confusion and fears about the events and what will happen to us that policymakers and friends inside the Capitol are supporting.

He co-ordinated with three House Republicans at least one protest leader said. The day before the attack, there are unverified charges of the “reconnaissance” mission. And over a dozen U.S. Police Capitols are being prosecuted secretly in order to allegedly support rioters.

Although the role of President Donald Trump in spurring aggression is obvious, early reports and claims have emerged that other insiders have helped the mob more aggressively.

In a live-stream video, Ali Alexander, the right-wing conspiracy theorist heading a ‘Stop The Snatch’ party said that he was organizing a rally with the representative’s Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs in Arizona as the riot’s predecessor and the Alabama senator, Mo Brooks.

Brooks appeared at the rally before Trump took the mic, and encouraged the audience to “start taking down names and kicking ass.” Brooks said he was just asking the crowd to strike back at the ballot box in a 2,800-word speech about his participation. (Brooks also announced that he was contacted a day earlier by a White House official and asked to appear at the rally.)

CNN previously confirmed that in recent months, Gosar had been affiliated with Alexander’s party. A spokesperson for Biggs told CNN that Alexander had never met or interacted with him.

Alexander said he hoped that his “mob” would push lawmakers via the Electoral College to block the win of President-elect Joe Biden. The three senators decided to wipe back Biden’s electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania after the riot was quenched. Their attempt failed.


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