Violent attacks against Asian-Americans on rise in US


More than 2,800 attacks have been reported since the start of the pandemic, according to an advocacy group.



  1. I appreciate that Germany, where I live as a foreigner, is not like the USA. Racism does exist but education has put the mindset to any civilized person that it's socially not acceptable to use violence. More than 2,500 cases in the USA? Here it's not that bad, insults on the street I get is only from the poor people who never learnt anything in their lives, they are highly visible in cities, yes, but a small minority in the society, it's still a big problem, though.

    Racial discrimination also does exist in my home country Japan and its neighbouring Korea and China, but we usually don't attack physically. (Uyghur issue of China is simply not acceptable, CCP must do more than saying it's 're-education'…) 

    Discrimination is everywhere in the world, but I see there are countries in which violence plays fewer roles.

    I feel that the hate crime in the USA is a structural problem which the majority of peaceful American should seriously analyze and come up with structural reforms, especially inclusion policy for those low-income families which repeat poverty and misery. Unhappy people tend to behave themselves that it's fine to harm other people if society doesn't treat them fairly.

    Those who are capable to make changes should make changes, even if problems arise from someone else. 

    Self-help, one of the most important values for Americans, has proved not to solve many social issues…

  2. Yesss Stop Asian hate
    For we all are facing the same enemy, named covid19, not human being (Asian)
    Proud of peoples who show care, love , and protection for Asian/each other, there
    You are amazing !!

  3. this was also the case with the german and japanese people during the 2nd world war. The stress and tension over possible defeat drives some crazy.

  4. Hate crime against Asian increased during the pandemic with Trumps rhetoric of China Virus and Democrats pandering of Black Lives Matter. Majority of the perpetrators are NON WHITE. I'm Asian and know what color to watch out for when I'm out on the street.

  5. Anti-Asian violence is not new. None of these recent attacks surprise me because I have been witness to them ever since I was a kid and have been a victim of it myself. When it no longer serves a political narrative I'm 100% certain the mainstream media will go back to sweeping it under the rug.

  6. The ones that got caught for the hate crimes instead locking them up, they should make a mma cage match for them to face a well defensive opponent and have their asses pummel like there's no tomorrow.

  7. Asian Americans, arm yourself with a bucket of Jollibee spicy chickenjoy and shove chicken on racists mouths, I think that will stop the HATE.🤔

  8. Look 👀 I would never hurt anyone for the color of the skin so Fuc you to the media for blaming white Americans for attacks on Asian Americans it’s so not true white people are not racist this is so over blown …: ever body is victim in America 🇺🇸 now this country has to many victim , look it won’t stop till we as humans stop the liberal media and Biden

  9. This guy crazy pls. Stop hate asian people.. our God. Will get mad.. god is watching us.. and the black American stop hate asian. We are both people who lives I Earth.. god is create us only.. Our God is coming down to earth again.. pls.. let's spread love and peace🙏🙏😘 I'm asian woman too watching from Manila Philippines🇵🇭

  10. BLM sucks. They are racist by themselves. If they dare to attack Asian, they should be put into jail for at least 10 years. Why does the mainstream media keep giving cover to BLM and not report most attack on Asian coming from the blacks?? What a shame. There are evidence showing he died because of drug!! This country needs police enforcement more than any time. Don’t su*port BLM, especially Asians. If police is gone, no one going to protect us from those thugs. If you want respect then act like one who deserves respect! We need to unit and defend ourselves.

  11. We are all the same people regardless of our skin color or nationality. We are neighbors and we can live together in peace. Do you look happy when you see a country at war?

  12. historically, what is there to go back to? Racism is deeply rooted in every recorded civilization and worsened after the civil war. with insightful look in the pages of mid-18th to 19th century history, you would find that philosophical thoughts had blossomed around the question of creation or evolution that denies the existence of GOD. Marxism came out which was a sociological path to understand the world as it exist and man as a human being out of molecular particles . Karl Marx had no further explanation on this until now. the architects of Marxism were not ordinary people, Marx and Engels were Freemasons and both of them were of middle class and ministerial families. Racism is now being used as a political weapon in politics. this is now being used against Asian Americans. the Democratic Party is now using this against Trump.


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