Wireless Doorbell, ERA-UTDCR Door Chime with 4000 Feet Range, Ideal Wireless Door Chime for Business & Home, Long Range Wireless Doorbell Goes Through Multiple Walls & Floors, Concrete, Metal & Brick


Price: $124.99
(as of Mar 10,2021 13:31:15 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Finally A Wireless Door Chime Strong Enough To Excel In Applications Where Other Units Fail

Unique signal strength has the ability to penetrate reinforced concrete, metal, brick, stone, stucco, glass, wood, etc
Transmits a blanketing signal able to traverse multiple floors, through separate buildings & structures – even below grade locations
Long Range Wireless Doorbell 4000′ range as been field tested in the most demanding applications such as extremely large homes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities & condominiums

Multi Purpose Industrial Grade Designer Transmitter & Receiver

Operates just like a standard doorbell push button – simply press the button and the chime will sound one of the twelve tunes you select
Can also operate as a magnetic door chime – alerts you every time a door or window is opened when the included contact sensor separates from the transmitter
Heavy duty designer waterproof transmitter is constructed of shatter resistant ABS that can be painted to the color of your choice
Receiver has a robust 2 1/2″ speaker producing crisp,distortion free sound. Select one of 12 pleasant tunes. Volume is adjustable from mute to 95db

This Doorbell Kit Is Expandable & Configurable To Suit Your Needs Allowing For Complete & Comprehensive Coverage

Able to pair an unlimited number of transmitters to receivers. You can utilize as many receivers as needed
Each receiver is uniquely equipped with four 12VDC outputs allowing you to connect a wide variety of 12VDC accessories such as strobe lights, sirens, buzzers & bells
Even more advanced features for the engineers & technically inclined – The transmitter features (1) N/O, N/C relay & plug in receiver has (1) ā€œCā€ relay

A Powerful & Versatile Door Chime That Will Surpass Your Expectations



Residential Dwellings – Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Manufactured Housing, Townhouses, Duplexes
Retail Establishments – Chain Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Salons, Pizza, Ice Cream & Sandwich Shops, Auto Parts Stores
Industrial Facilities – Warehouses, Manufacturing & Production Facilities, Construction & Supply Yards, Labs
Government – Schools, State & Federal Facilities Police & Fire Departments, Military Installations, Public Buildings & Parks
Business – Banks, Offices, Mom & Pop Small Town Businesses
Secured Areas – Money Rooms, Storage Rooms,Sensitive Inventory

Wireless Doorbell Kit With Multi Functional Operation

wireless doorbell house

wireless doorbell house

door chimes when door opens for business

door chimes when door opens for business

door chimes when door opens for business

door chimes when door opens for business


When a visitor pushes the doorbell, chime receiver will sound instantaneously. Button is completely weatherproof & can be painted


When used as a door or window contact, you will be immediately notified when someone opens the door or window


Immediate notification when transmitter is activated to alert others

Door Bells & Chimes WirelessDoor Bells & Chimes Wireless


Range: Up to 4000ft
Sounds: 12 Tunes
Volume: Adjustable Knob Control (0db – 95db)
Receiver Power: Plug In Class 2 UL LISTED AC Transformer (120v 60Hz 18Watts)
Receiver Outputs: (4) 12VDC, (1) N/O, N/C Relay
Transmitter Power: 1 x 3V CR2 battery
Transmitter Outputs: (1) “C” Relay

Package Includes

1 x Push Button Transmitter
1 x Door/Window Contact Sensor
1 x Plugin Chime Receiver
4 x Screws
1 x 3V CR2 battery
1 x User Manual

šŸ”” INCREDIBLY STRONG, POWERFUL & LOUD DOORBELL: Heavy duty, waterproof wireless door chime transmitter signal penetrates objects that other long range wireless doorbell systems simply can’t – even travels through several reinforced concrete walls as well as separate buildings. Adjustable volume control from mute up to 95db. Effective even in the largest homes & commercial buildings.
šŸ”” DUAL FUNCTION TRANSMITTER: Can be used as a typical Doorbell Chime push button or as a magnetic door chime where door chimes when door opens making it perfect for a retail door chime, store door entry chime, gate alert, warehouse doorbell or even window alarm.
šŸ”” INTEGRATION WITH 12VDC DEVICES REGARDLESS OF MANUFACTURER: Only this wireless door chime gives you the ability to add 12VDC devices (strobes, buzzers, sirens, bells, etc) with (4) 12VDC outputs – 1 per each of the 4 zones. Transmitter features (1) N/O, N/C relay & plug in receiver has (1) ā€œCā€ relay.
šŸ”” EXPANDABLE, CONFIGURABLE & SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Easily pair an unlimited number of transmitters to a receiver – each receiver has 4 zones, allowing for one of 12 melodies per zone. Easy, hassle-free pairing transmitter to receiver.
šŸ”” A WIRELESS DOORBELL FOR HOME OR BUSINESS WITH COUNTLESS USES: Door announcer, call button for elderly, magnetic door entry alert security contact sensor for gates & windows, classroom doorbell, wireless panic button to alert one or multiple rooms or locations far away.


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