Woman Admits to Harrassing Couple Who Bought Home She Wanted


Act 2: “I was jealous,” Kathy Rowe told ABC News’ “20/20” of harassing Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter.



  1. "Karen" Kathy Rowe …
    A Hitman would've offed the whole family for a 100K. A quadruple homicide house would have gone for half price.
    Instead you thought you would harass them into moving. FAIL!

  2. She went to the Trump school! Same mannerism! Same thing, although she his the harasser she manages to present her self as a victim !
    They both deserve to be locked up!

  3. White privilege in all it’s sickening glory. If it had been a person of color or any other effing race, they would’ve gotten the maximum sentence + 10 more years, just because…unbelievable.

  4. This lady's sense of entitlement makes me sick. Just because you wanted the house doesn't mean it was yours. Grow up because that's not how life works. Everyone is deeply disappointed by how life turns out sometimes.

  5. That what a person like her do try to justified it and think but saying I'm a terrible person for that everything ok your so sweet and great person give me a brake i think that a called narcissistic personality disorder yeah lol

  6. Clearly this woman has a difficult life and needs a hefty break considering it addles her mentality. What she doesn't NEED is to be close to the family she effed with!!
    And yes, I have dealt with Life not handing me my desires.
    I didn't choose to morph into a psychological criminal!!


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